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He Told You So: UTEP's Tim Floyd Cleared By NCAA For Alleged USC Misconduct


Well, the verdict is in and Tim Floyd came out smelling like Roses. CBS Sports' Gregg Doyel? Not so much. Miner Rush has a complete breakdown of the NCAA's USC investigation as related to Tim...

Judgment Day: Will the NCAA Place Recruiting Restrictions on UTEP's Tim Floyd?


Judgement Day: Friday Miner fans will find out if new head basketball coach Tim Floyd will be saddled with NCAA sanctions resulting from the investigation into alleged violations at USC. The Rush...

Tim Floyd looks to clear his name


Tim Floyd With all the drama, angst and anticipation with the start of today's hearing with the NCAA one interesting item came up yesterday... Former USC basketball coach Tim Floyd will...

Gearing For the Trojans-- Q&A With Conquest Chronicles


We discuss USC Hoops with Joey Kaufman of Conquest Chronicles. What's the state of the program like with no postseason for the Trojans to play for, and how will they match up with the Cal Golden...

Does USC have a possible claim against Mayo's former Agent?


I know this is a possibility but I highly doubt that USC will go down this road.

Inside the Pac-10: Bears Facing Trojan and Bruin Teams in Crisis Mode


Cal will face sanctioned USC and struggling UCLA squads in basketball this week in a critical homestand. Can the Bears take care of two teams down on their luck?

USC Self-Imposing Sanctions on the Basketball program is just the beginning...


Lets not get too comfortable here.. This is just the beginning. I have never heard of the NCAA accepting ANY self-imposed sanctions without having some official say. They have not done...

After 18 Month Investigation, O.J. Mayo's Stay at USC Beginning to Show Nasty Side Effects


What are the ramifications of the latest sanctions placed on USC basketball? An in-depth look at the real impact O.J. Mayo made on the USC Trojans.

Yahoo! Reporters Jason Cole and Charles Robinson decline our request for an interview


Yahoo! reporters Jason Cole and Charles Robinson decline a request for an interview by Conquest Chronicles.

Tim Floyd gave money to OJ Mayo's crew, says a snitch


usc head coach tim floyd allegedly paid camp oj mayo to deliver him to los angeles

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