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Ivan Maisel reminices about the late Paul Dee

I didn't know Paul Dee. I would venture to guess that many outside the upper echelons of the NCAA didn't know Paul Dee either. At least not the Paul Dee that Ivan Maisel describes here... Former...

Judge orders the NCAA to turn over emails to McNair

Looks like things have been plodding along with Todd McNair's lawsuit against the NCAA. The judge ordered the NCAA to turn over ALL relevant documents pertaining to the Reggie Bush investigation....

Reggie Bush looks to rehabilitate his image with USC fans

WOW! You can't make this stuff up! From Reggie's Twitter stream... My focus now is to continue to work hard, restore my relationship with USC fans and the university, and to help the Saints ...

USC could lose their 2004 BCS Title...should we care?

A little known rule change in 2007 could cost USC their 2004 BCS Title if they are found culpable of any major violations when the NCAA finally make their findings known. From USAToday... If the N...

Pete Carroll speculates on the NCAA's upcoming findings...

From the SF Chronicle, via the Dan Patrick Show... Seattle Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll was interviewed by Dan Patrick on The Dan Patrick Show today, Tuesday. Patrick, to his credit, did not...

The Official USC NCAA Sanction Prediction Thread

So lets have some fun! All the haters are now posting prediction threads in regards to what our punishment will be when the sanctions are announced, rumored to be this week. Here is what Dufresne...

NCAA to request copy of Bush Deposition


I am pretty ambivalent at this point with the whole sorid tale but I did find this development interesting. Scott Reid from the OCR does his best Jason Cole impersonation... NCAA officials as...

AL.com...Your idiot letter to the editor of the day


Another piece of shoddy journalism...this time its from AL.com

Kurt Streeter of the L.A.Times takes USC to task for controlling the flow of information.


The Los Angeles Times Calls out USC for not publicly addressing the allegations made against the school. Its going to be a long wait...

Yahoo! Reporters Jason Cole and Charles Robinson decline our request for an interview


Yahoo! reporters Jason Cole and Charles Robinson decline a request for an interview by Conquest Chronicles.

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