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Sixers-Bucks Recap: This Might Hurt


A 20-point loss to the Bucks is... well, it's a 20-point loss to the Bucks.

PRESENTED BY Clone296120325_931644673_fs1_logo

Sorry For All the Football from Fox Sports 1


Do you dream of bathing in an unending wave of college football goodness? Do you ever feel like you just see too much of your girlfriend, the sun or your Jack Russell, Bo?  If so, do we have...

2. There is no longer a good theory for the USC case There are certainly plenty of conspiracy...

2. There is no longer a good theory for the USC case There are certainly plenty of conspiracy theories about why USC received one of the stiffest set of sanctions ever handed down in Division I. Chief among them is after years of not being able to get enough evidence to bring the case against the Trojans, the enforcement staff and the Committee on Infractions had to send a message that they were not going to let USC get away with it. But even if we assume this is true, there still needs to be a more appropriate explanation. The best reasoning had been that ultimately USC was a recruiting case, not an amateurism case. By creating an environment that allowed Reggie Bush and OJ Mayo to receive thousands of dollars of extra benefits, USC got a huge recruiting boost. The message was "come here, you don’t need to worry about those pesky NCAA rules, we don’t mind." If that was the core of the USC case, UCF should have gotten the death penalty. Not only was that the culture created at UCF, but the athletic director was involved as an integral part of creating that culture. Southern California might have had a laissez-faire attitude about who was in the locker room or around recruits, but the evidence that the school was actively promoting the violations was tenuous. No such problem at UCF. Lessons From the UCF Infractions Case | Athletic Scholarships Gee, ya' think? I am shocked I tell ya'...

Grindhouse Diary: Grizzlies vs. Warriors


A running diary recap from the Grizzlies' win over the Golden State Warriors.

We just wanted to let them know we’re here.


We just wanted to let them know we’re here.

OJ Mayo on last night's win at Oklahoma City. via Ron Tillery, Memphis Commercial Appeal

New USC Recruiting Shit


The WWL sees more smoke in the vicinity of Watts. We've been keeping an eye on this here and here. This story is full of insight like: If Floyd did pay Guillory for delivering Mayo to USC, that...

Pat Haden's take on the SI Agent Story

USC AD Pat Haden offers up his thoughts on agents paying players... "This is another example of the insidiousness of unscrupulous agents and why it is important that USC and all schools be...

The NCAA has an Institutional Control Issue of Their Own

We have discussed numerous time how the punishment the NCAA handed down doesn't fit the crime.I know it comes off as whining as my friend Pete Holiday has said numerous times over at Roll 'Bama...

Should USC file a lawsuit against Lloyd and Michael Michaels...among others

Lots of chatter out there on what think USC should or plans to do once they have the appeal out of the way. Regardless of the outcome. Suing those who were at the root of this mess is not out...

Judgment Day: Will the NCAA Place Recruiting Restrictions on UTEP's Tim Floyd?


Judgement Day: Friday Miner fans will find out if new head basketball coach Tim Floyd will be saddled with NCAA sanctions resulting from the investigation into alleged violations at USC. The Rush...

NCAA Report on USC/Reggie Bush Due This Week


Dan Wetzel is reporting that the NCAA Committee on Infraction's report on USC stemming from the Reggie Bush/O.J. Mayo scandals is coming this week. He works for Yahoo! Sports, who broke the Bush story all the way back in 2006, so I would tend to believe him. This was a point of curiosity last week, so I post this for those interested. I have a feeling we'll all be disappointed with the result because the NCAA lost its will to properly discipline programs back in 2002, the last time it issued a bowl ban. I have a feeling it'll be another vacating-of-wins hoedown with a very stern warning from the top brass as the cherry on top. If the NCAA didn't drop the hammer on FSU for completely undermining its academic mission a couple years ago, why would it do so now in this case?

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