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Pat Haden's take on the SI Agent Story

USC AD Pat Haden offers up his thoughts on agents paying players... "This is another example of the insidiousness of unscrupulous agents and why it is important that USC and all schools be...

The NCAA has an Institutional Control Issue of Their Own

We have discussed numerous time how the punishment the NCAA handed down doesn't fit the crime.I know it comes off as whining as my friend Pete Holiday has said numerous times over at Roll 'Bama...

Should USC file a lawsuit against Lloyd and Michael Michaels...among others

Lots of chatter out there on what think USC should or plans to do once they have the appeal out of the way. Regardless of the outcome. Suing those who were at the root of this mess is not out...

Media Missing Big Picture with Floyd Hiring


By now, I'm sure that most you are aware of the fact that former USC basketball coach Tim Floyd, the only person to ever lead the Trojans to three straight NCAA Tournament appearances, has...

Tim Floyd looks to clear his name


Tim Floyd With all the drama, angst and anticipation with the start of today's hearing with the NCAA one interesting item came up yesterday... Former USC basketball coach Tim Floyd will...

Welcome to the Party T.J.!


When the O.J. Mayo story broke almost two years ago one of the issues we had here was Mike Garrett allowing Rodney Guillory to have access to the USC basketball offices let alone on campus after...

USC Basketball sacrifices the present because of its misdeeds of the past...


The title of the post is pretty much what everyone else is saying in regards to USC's decision to self-impose sanctions on the basketball program. Just a few general thoughts on this... It is a...

USC Self-Imposing Sanctions on the Basketball program is just the beginning...


Lets not get too comfortable here.. This is just the beginning. I have never heard of the NCAA accepting ANY self-imposed sanctions without having some official say. They have not done...

After 18 Month Investigation, O.J. Mayo's Stay at USC Beginning to Show Nasty Side Effects


What are the ramifications of the latest sanctions placed on USC basketball? An in-depth look at the real impact O.J. Mayo made on the USC Trojans.

Hey! It's a two-fer...another misinformed "journalist"


I will make this quick... Someone is not paying attention. Here is the set-up... Surely by now you've heard about what happened to Oklahoma State's Dez Bryant, the talented wide receiver who was...

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