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Going down the slippery slope

Ohio State, Oregon and WVU are looking at ways to beef up their compliance departments to keep them on the up and up. USC made similar changes after the Bush/Mayo mess by hiring a VP of compliance...

Under Press


In what can only be described as a sense of urgency the NCAA allowed itself to be interviewed by L.A. Times about why it is taking so long to get both the Bush and Mayo situations headed to form of...

Mike Garrett and compliance: how deep should changes be?


DC Trojan and I kicked this around for a few days as we felt that with all that is going on in the athletic department it was time to take a look at how we got here and the leadership needed going...

Katz on Mayo


ESPN’s Andy Katz has some interesting thoughts on the O.J. Mayo situation. • How much will it help or hinder the NCAA's investigation that Johnson, a former Mayo associate, talked to ESPN's...

The Nagging Question


One thing that really stands out as odd to me in this whole situation is the alleged benefits. It has been reported that Guillory received from BDA some 200k and an SUV while Mayo only received 30k...

Cry Me a River Part II


Last September I wrote a piece in part about all the whining Oklahoma fans were making about the Reggie Bush mess and how even Coach Swtizer thought there really wasn't much that could be done to...

Lake pushes back meeting with NCAA


Lloyd Lake postponed his meeting with NCAA on Friday until Wednesday of next week, think he is looking to settle? I do. But I also think he is exposed, so he is playing some gamesmanship. We have...

Lawsuit Filed


No surprise here. Lloyd Lake filed his lawsuit against Reggie Bush in a San Diego Court yesterday. A civil lawsuit filed Tuesday afternoon by Lloyd Lake alleges that Bush and his family accepted...

NCAA Still Investigating Recruiting Dinners at Papadakis


From Wolf's Blog while I was away. Dept. Of Investigations USC's compliance office is still conducting its investigation into recruiting dinners at Papadakis Taverna. This originally became an...

It Looks Like Somebody is Paying Attention


Dennis Dodd writes in a recent column about the issue of agents and marketing reps having access to players and the obvious pitfalls that await if the problem isn't addressed soon. The NFL has much...

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