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USC Trojans: Joe McKnight, Davon Jefferson Investigated For Impermissible Benefits

The USC Trojans could be dealing with another storm of impermissible benefits regarding Joe McKnight and Davon Jefferson. Can athletic director Mike Garrett minimize the damage?

USC AD Mike Garrett Is Out; Will Return Heisman


The squares won! The squares won! First, USC AD Mike Garrett is gone. To be replaced by former SC QB and Rhodes Scholar Pat Haden. Haden had been working for a private equity firm. A legitimate...

USC: "I'm Shocked, Shocked That Player Tampering is Going On!"


Last month the NCAA slammed USC with a two-year bowl ban along with a loss of scholarships for "a lack of institutional control" in the Reggie Bush fiasco. Because of the sanctions, USC...

Knock, Knock!


Who's there? Agamemnon. Agamemnon, who? Aw, screw it - it's the gang from Indy and we have a lovely sack for you to put your balls in. Essentially, the NCAA's Achilles has just dragged USC's...

NCAA Hands Down Swift and Severe Punishment To USC


No, wait. scratch that. The NCAA actually hammered IUPUI pinning the lack of institutional control scarlet letter on them. The Hoosiermakers will lose scholarships and vacate wins in six sports. T...

"Athletic Director Garrett, Myles Brand on line 1."


Came across this today at Bruins Nation. The NCAA, apparently looking for economies of scale, has combined the OJ Mayo and Reggie Bush investigations into one giant dragnet trying to get to the...

Talk to the Hand: NCAA Upholds USC Sanctions, What’s Next for Troy?


As of this morning there still hasn't been anything released officially, but according to numerous sources in the know, the NCAA will uphold the sanctions placed on the University of Southern...

The week in news- The NCAA Warpath, Trojan House Cleaning and House Party Fallout


One more wild week of the craziest offseason that I can remember is in the books and the Fighting Irish start fall camp in two weeks. It is almost here! Below are the college football stories that...

The week in news- Trojan Tailspin, Red Out and Irish Tidbits


Welcome to another edition of TWIN. In the midst of what is beginning to feel like a never ending series of trips to Lowes these are the college football stories that I found the most interesting...

Southern Cal Football and the Committee on Infractons - History Repeats Itself


Southern Cal Football And The Committee On Infractons: Bushgate was just the latest in a series of infractions found by the NCAA over the past several decades.

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