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There is NO Crying in Football!


After reading Jason Cole's Yahoo article asking if the Saints were classless in how Drew Brees broke the yardage record, check out Les Carpenter's take on the subject. He seems to think more like we do!

Jason Cole eats his words (well, sort of)


A sportswriter well known for taunting us with the LA factor finally lets it be known that he was in the wrong.

Roughriders highlights, featuring Joe Wieland and Leonys Martin.


Roughriders highlights, featuring Joe Wieland and Leonys Martin.

Jason Cole on Joe Wieland


LoneStarDugout boss and Roughriders TV Color man Jason Cole opines on everyone's favorite or second-favorite control artist. Aforementioned pitcher happens to be throwing on TXA 21 at 7 tonight.

Jason Cole on Leonys Martin -- cbsdfw.com


Yo, Lone Star Ballahs. You may or may not know that TXA 21 airs Roughriders Saturday home games. Beginning today, I'm starting a series in which the team's TV play by play (Jason Cole, conveniently) breaks down one of Frisco's prospects. These Q&As are mostly intended for the casual crowd, but I try to sneak some good questions in there, and Jason's answers are very informative. Give it a look. If you want to suggest prospects or questions for future pieces, feel free to email me at orthegm@gmail.com. Peace and love!

Yahoo Writer calls Jimmy Raye a Brilliant Strategist


Jason wrote an article on Yahoo about Mike Singletary and if he'll be back in 2011. He states "Raye is a brilliant NFL strategist, which is why he was hired to be an offensive coordinator seven times.ut in the moment of battle, Raye is often too disorganized and slow to react, causing problems in the rush of an NFL game. That’s why Raye was fired seven times and never became a head coach." If Raye was such a brilliant strategist he wouldn't have failed seven times!

So what about Tim Floyd's alleged $1000 Dollar Handshake?

Lost in all the talk of the modern day death penalty handed down in the NCAA's report, is that there is no mention of Tim Floyd's alleged $1000 pay off to Rodney Guillory. You know, the pay off...

The Offensive Line - Better Than We Think?


A look at a recent Yahoo! Sports 2010 offensive line ranking and reaction to the ranking of the Houston Texans.

Yahoo! Sports takes a shot at Matt Leinart


Yahoo! Sports attempts to smear former USC QB Matt Leinart.

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