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USC and UW Face-Off In NCAAVB Tournament


The Women of Troy will take on the Pac-12 champion Huskies, who have already defeated SC twice this season.

BYU to MWC: From rumor to confirmed report


The old adage "Where there's smoke, there's fire" is certainly applicable today as MW Connection has been able to confirm reports that surfaced as Internet rumors regarding the return of BYU to the...

Football at TCU

Here's an all-too-brief look at TCU's remarkable 100-plus years of football in Fort Worth. [Note: this summary (minus several photos, and more recent material) of TCU's football history was o...

BSU just surpassed BYU A LITTLE last year??? (Recruit post-visit commentary)


I don't want to trash this quote to much but I doubt he ends up coming to BSU anyways. "At Boise, you really have to really go up to people and talk to them to get to know them, but the whole football program up there is pretty good. The football program might have surpassed BYU this past year a little, but that's the only thing they've really got on them a little bit. Their whole record this past year is really the only thing." MIGHT have surpassed BYU this past year A LITTLE??? BSU surpassed BYU many many years ago when we handed them 2 losses in back to back seasons. I think the zoobies brainwashed him. If he chooses BYU (Which sounds like his best choice) he'll get to play against current teammate Donte Deayon for four years as they'll come in right as our 4 game home and home series with the Cougars begins which is pretty cool. He seems like a good kid but the fact he thinks we barely surpassed BYU a little last year would concern me if he decides to be a Bronco...

Michael Loyd Jr. Leaves BYU; Is the Cougs' Recruiting Pool Shrinking?


↵ ↵While most conversations about Brigham Young hoops generally start with Jimmer Fredette, one of the interesting ancillary characters in the Cougs' cast was Michael Loyd Jr. After playing in...

Harvey Unga Leaves BYU, Maybe Because of Premarital Sex


↵Harvey Unga voluntarily withdrawing from BYU is a shock. Unga is leaving as Brigham Young's leading rusher, and after turning down a possible leap to the NFL to return for his senior season....

Rap Games: Hayward Saves Butler, Fredette May Have to Be Amazing Again


Murray State made a run at Butler, but saw a last-second possession dribble into defeat partly because of Isaiah Canaan's inability to pass out of a double team. Gordon Hayward's long arms helped...

Wayne Bridge and Steve Alford Take Divergent Approaches to the Handshake Line


You may remember the tale of Wayne Bridge and John Terry from earlier this week. (Long story short: Terry slept with Bridge's then-fiancée, and repercussions were felt on the English national...

The Refs Will Not Allow This Deception to Pass


Sometimes I think officials just don't like being outsmarted. How else do you explain this call? ↵ ↵ ↵ ↵ ↵ ↵The call, if you couldn't make it out was "Unsportsmanlike Conduct, Trying to...

Shockwaves: What Sam Bradford's Shoulder Sprain, Oklahoma's Loss, And BYU's Win Mean


Yes, Oklahoma's 14-13 loss to BYU last night is a stunner that will send OU tumbling from their lofty preseason ranking. The other tremors to the college football landscape will be felt for a...

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