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The 12 Days of Christmas...College Football Style!


The countdown is on College Football Fans. Here is a preview of what my weekly My Favorite 5 College Football Preview will entail each week during the season. I follow four teams religiously, plus...

jones Top Ten - Final - 2011 Season


Ah, but to live life unapologetically, that’s the spirit, yes? To root out your cynicism and sow instead joy. To live life in the moment with nary a care for tomorrow. College football’s national...

jones Top Ten - Week Fourteen - 2011


Well. Now that all the air has been sucked out of the room, I’d point out that a few football games not involving Alabama were actually played. Want to hear about them? Great! Enter the Honey...

jones Top Ten - Week Ten - 2011


Fathers forget how hard it is to come inside. Our timing always stinks; we have no appreciation for ending a game in the front yard or driveway at the proper moment. We believe that shower time...

BCS Analysis – Undefeateds Update


Another week, another two undefeated teams bite the dust. Unlike last week, this week's victims Clemson and Kansas State got blown out, leaving little doubt that they are out of the national title...

BCS Analysis – The Undefeateds Take 2


Well, that didn't take long. Wisconsin and Oklahoma took themselves out of the undefeateds group and made this week's analysis a lot shorter. I'm going to stay brief and only update last week's...

jones Top Ten - Week 8 - 2011


My mom didn’t cotton to bored children. If you ever said I’m bored, she would counter with a list of activities. If you didn’t chose one, then she would tell you that your boredom was your own...

BCS Analysis – The Undefeateds


As Scipio posted previously, the first BCS standings are out. There weren't very many surprises in there, although most of the media was probably shocked to learn that the only unbiased sources...

jones Top Ten - Week Seven - 2011


Among my many neuroses, I have a problem with people who turn left when it is completely unreasonable to turn left. This is one of the many cultural battles that I have lost (right up there with an...

jones Top Ten - Week Six - 2011


When Charlie asks an open-ended question, he already knows the answer. This is a fairly advanced conversational skill for a six-year-old. So when he asks yesterday, "Dad, what’s the most dangerous...

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