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Report: Houston "Locked In On Its Player"


Could the Houston Texans actually take a football player first overall in tonight's draft? Was all the trade talk for naught? Adam Schefter says yes.

Report: Oakland Raiders Will Trade For Schaub


Longtime Texans quarterback Matt Schaub is set to become the newest Oakland Raider. Follow the story live on Battle Red Blog.

Ed Reed Update: He's Sleeping Over!


In Houston, I mean. Presumably at a posh hotel. Not at my house. THOUGH I WOULD TOTALLY LET HIM CRASH AT MY HOUSE.

Adam Schefter, Steve Wyche, other colleagues tweet support for Michael Irvin


While a good portion of the thousands of comments across the Internet about Michael Irvin's appearance in Out magazine are hateful, most have been positive and supportive. "Michael Irvin" is a...

Carson Palmer Trade: Did Adam Schefter Know In Advance?


Adam Schefter of ESPN probably knew of the Carson Palmer trade as early as last night.

Required Game Week Reading: Northwestern


It's game week, and not a moment too soon. Here's your required game week reading for Boston College football's season opener vs. the Northwestern Wildcats.

Panthers place DeAngelo Williams on IR


Adam Schefter reports on his Twitter page: "Panthers strongly considering placing RB DeAngelo Williams on IR, as early as today. Strained arch might be too much to overcome this year." UPDATE: Darin Gantt has reported that DeAngelo has indeed been placed on IR. I have edited the title to reflect this (JD)

Vote for your favorite NFL insider and announcer


Mike Florio begs for support here. It's working. Are you gonna let that happen? You click on the guys' names and it pops up a ballot. That was not clear to me for several seconds, so you're welcome. NFL Network is not as widespread as ESPN and Fox, but to me they are clearly superior in every category other than Schefter as insider. I don't like any play by play guy or game analyst except maybe Gruden. Sideline reporter is Alex Flanagan all the way and again suffers from underexposure. Pregame host: Boomer...GAAA!!

Press Coverage: October is Great for Sports, Favre, Blogs & Charity


↵ Baseball playoffs are upon us, and with the Twins hosting the Tigers in a one-game set tomorrow night, we’re even getting bonus baseball in October. There’s been debate that other months might...

Did Adam Schefter Inject Himself Into the Rodney Harrison and Kerry Rhodes Twitter Squabble?


↵ ↵Of the extensive trash talk going on between the Jets and the Patriots in advance of tomorrow's AFC East "Super Bowl", the easily most bizarre was the Twitter exchange yesterday between...

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