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Welcome to Conquest Chronicles - SB Nation's home for all things USC. Before you get carried away, here are some of things we expect you to keep in mind as a member and participant of the Conquest Chronicles community. Should you have any questions about your behavior or the behavior of others please refer back to this list of guidelines. But remember, these aren't hardlines rules that we use as a way to censor you in case you happen to "slip up." Instead, these are simply meant to serve as guiding principles regarding proper conduct on the site. Please follow these to the best of your abilities as a way to ensure that everyone enjoys their time spent at Conquest Chronicles. 

1. Keep it Germane: Remember this is a USC blog. The topics are USC athletics, the Pac-10, and events related to either. Please try to keep the political stuff elsewhere unless it's related to the current subject matter.

2. Feel free to contribute: One of the many advantages of SB Nation is the fact that it allows for greater user interaction through fanposts, fanshots, and the comments section. As editors, we want you to contribute to the community as often as you like. We value your opinions on all topics and are always interested in hearing your two-cents no matter how far-fetched it may seem.

3. But please contribute responsibly: While we are certainly receptive to your opinions and eagerly await your contributions, we do ask that you keep a few things in mind. For starters, we aim to promote an atmosphere that encourages a type of thoughtful analysis of USC athletics. In short, when you leave a fanpost or a fanshot, the goal should be to enhance the conversation (i.e. bring something to the table). Furthermore, make an effort to back up your assertions. For example, if you don't think a coach or player is doing his job don't just write "this guy blows." Try to put a little more thought into it, and enhance the conversation as a whole. Explain your rationale and belief as to why he may "suck." It's certainly okay to be subjective in your opinions, but when applicable, try to support your arguments with some facts and concrete evidence. It's not required, but doing so will give your argument more validity and give off a better impression of you and the rest of the community. Furthermore, try to be coherent. Use reasonable grammar and spelling as many are college graduates. Don't make your institute of higher learning look bad.

4.) Respect others: It's certainly permissible to disagree with someone, but insulting them and launching personal attacks against other members is not acceptable. If your viewpoint differs from someone else's, then point out the particular issues you have with their argument. Attack the opinion, not the person. If you do take issue with a certain individual, please address your personal beef off site through e-mail or some other form of private communication. Don't hash out your differences in the comments section.

5.) Be hospitable to the "other" guys: While this is a USC blog, we want to welcome fans of other schools such as Cal, Notre Dame, and even UCLA. We aim to primarily serve Trojans, but if you support another academic institution, we want you to feel welcome here as well. This blog may be written by Trojans, but it isn't just for Trojans.

6.) Keep swearing to a minimum: We understand that everyone has the urge to swear, especially on a fan blog. However, for the community's sake, please keep the swearing down to a minimum

7.) Be welcoming: We want more and more people to become a part of this community here at Conquest Chronicles. In order to help make that happen, we want to be as inclusive as possible the more we expand. As we develop more followers, please refrain from hazing the "newbies." We want all first-time visitors to come back, become an integral part of the site, and have an enjoyable experience, so be welcoming to them. Treat them as your guests.

8.) There are no rules for being a fan: If you're an optimist, don't criticize others for not being "true fans" and cheering along. Conversely, if you're pessimist, don't bring down the mood. Let others cheer and support USC and other programs in their own ways. There are no uniform guidelines as to how to be a proper fan. In turn, be sure to allow others to enjoy USC athletics and college sports however they see fit. 

9. Use common sense and just ask the editors: It's tough to address every issue that may come up so as a result, if you have a particular concern with something, simply use common sense. If you're still unsure of something, then please feel free to send any of the editors an e-mail. We're more than receptive to listening to your thoughts feelings so don't hesitate to shoot us your questions via e-mail. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Lastly, you represent the Trojan Family, and as a result, you have an obligation to represent USC, both the academic and athletic institution, responsibly elsewhere on SB Nation or the blogosphere at large. If you decide to go to another team's blog, which we encourage you to do for SBN has other great sites as well, please follow the mantra we have here. Even if you are not treated well at a rival blog, please take the high road, cast the "trash talk" aside, or simply leave all-together. Do not stoop to the level of others for you're a representation of Conquest Chronicles and the larger Trojan Family. In turn, when you're visiting other sites, follow our guidelines here, be respectful of the site's administrators, and make us proud.

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We have our own Community Guidelines at Conquest Chronicles. You should read them.




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