USC Athletics All-Sports Highlight

A great video from this past seasons sports highlights. FIGHT ON!

Pete Carroll Has The Seahawks Firing On All Cylinders


Seattle is 10-5, in the playoffs, has outscored opponents 100-30 in the last three games, and Pete Carroll got to give Jim Harbaugh a 50th birthday present in the form of an ass-kicking he's had coming to him for three years. Could Pete take his team all the way?

Former USC Song Girl Dies from sinking of HMS Bounty


Some of you may have seen that a tall ship sank off Cape Hatteras yesterday, with the loss of two crew members. One of those crew members was former Song Girl Claudene Christian - our condolences to her friends and family.

Was the hit on Brian Cushing a cheap shot?


It is hard not see the hit on the Houston Texans Brian Cushing as anything but a cheap shot!

Welcome to the NEW Conquest Chronicles


SBNation United is LIVE!

Olympic Gold Medalist Missy Franklin To Visit USC


Olympic gold medalist Missy Franklin is considering USC, among other schools.

Conquest Chronicles is Six Years Old


Conquest Chronicles adds to its writing staff!

Taking Another Lap And Some Introductions


Well, you might have noticed the masthead has changed. As the onset of training camp (Aug. 6 for USC) draws closer, as well as the start of the season, we're going to be ramping up the 'SC...

SBNation iPhone App UPDATED - v1.1


GREAT NEWS! The SB Nation iPhone app v1.1 is now available in the App Store! SB Nation listened to your feedback and suggestions and heard you loud and clear. Now, in addition to helping you...

Please, lets keep these silly NFL rules out of college football


At least when is comes to the No Fun League. There are more important things to worry about... Mike Pereira, a former Pac-10 official under contract to the Pac-12, says the Ducks signature 'O'...

ESPN needs to keep an eye on Yahoo!


I am not thrilled to link to him but Clay Travis makes some interesting observations on Yahoo!'s meteoric rise... With yesterday's announcement that Yahoo is rebranding Sporting News radio and...

Thanks, gents


In the interest of brevity, an attempt to avoid excessive rambling, I'll try to keep this short and sweet. I'm stepping down as an editor for Conquest Chronicles today after the past year and a...

Memorial Day


Tomb of the Unknowns (via FLICKR: Tony the Misfit) I will try to say very little here... Over the past few years it has been in vogue to take the time to publicly pay homage to our...

Pete Carroll's Division Title Attempt Open Thread


Rams vs. Seahawks. 5:20 p.m. PST. NBC. Turn your television sets on. One team is 7-8. The other is 6-9. One starts a rookie under center, who's actually rather good. The other starts a balding...

Merry Christmas From CC


May your holiday season and New Year bring joy, peace and happiness. And of course, a successful NCAA appeal! FIGHT ON!

I guess Vince Young wants the Heisman after all


Vince Young wants the Heisman...

Tweets of the day


I thought I would have a little fun with a number of the tweets I read through out the day... So lets get started! Veiled Kiffin Shot Two, courtesy of Urban Meyer on new Tenn coach Derek Dickey:...

Fallout from UT's Bar Brawl?


UT's cover charges might pile up into a major violation: http://bylawblog.com/l/8less than a minute ago via Tweetie for MacThe Bylaw Blogbylawblog Wouldn't that be rich! Looks like all that b...

SB Nation Los Angeles is Up


Well, the wait is over. SB Nation Los Angeles launched last night - with much fanfare of course. Conquest Chronicles's very own Julio Nieves, who will be contributing USC content for the site,...

World Cup Open Thread: U.S. versus Ghana, Round of 16


The World Cup has now kicked over to the elimination rounds: win or go home. If the US wants to get to the quarterfinals, they have to get past Ghana, the team who put them out of the 2006 World...

SB Nation Los Angeles


As you may or may not know, SB Nation has been launching regional sites as a new way to bring fans with teams in the same city together. Here's a link for more info. Fifteen of the 20 regional...

World Cup: U.S. Advances to Round of 16


Apologies for not posting a game thread for the US - Algeria game; I was crashing through a bunch of work after several days off so that I could watch the game without distractions. Anyway:...

World Cup Game Thread: US versus Slovenia


In case any of you are awake on the west coast, feel free to post comments etc. about the US - Slovenia game here. It's been an interesting few days - Spain contrived to lose to Switzerland, whose...

Back-to-Back for LA


Just up the street from USC at Staples Center, the NBA's Los Angeles Lakers, led by tenured head coach Phil Jackson and future hall-of-famer Kobe Bryant, won their second consecutive NBA...

World Cup Open Thread: England versus USA! USA! USA!


Just in case anyone's interested and online, here's an open thread for the US - England game to be played this afternoon. The English feel confident that they can pick up a win, looking at the...

World Cup: Who's Your Team? And Your Nemesis?


The obvious answer for most people who read this would be that they support the US, I'd imagine. But the nature of being a soccer fan in the US for any length of time has resulted in most people...

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