NCAA Conference Realignment

Conference Realignment: Closing the book...


Well it was one hell of an interesting week. There have been all sorts of rumors and angles, but in the end it wasn't really that close, OU over played their hand and UT wasn't going to budge and...

Conference Realignment: The Pac-12 stands pat...


Well, a lot happened after I feel asleep last night... After all the posturing, all the back room negotiations and all the public speculation Larry Scott and his his CEO's decided to pass. The...

Conference Realignment: A last ditch effort to save the Big 12, will the Pac-12 balk?


There are a number of interesting stories out today about where things stand with realignment. While many of us wonder who will arrive in the Pac-12 the bigger question should be is expansion even...

Mark Emmert urges caution...


Mark Emmert thinks that things are moving too fast when it comes to conference realignment. Emmert is urging caution in these moves, noting that real institutions, students, coaches, etc are...

Conference Realignment: Larry Scott meets with Texas


Things are heating up. I am not surprised by this. Scott wasn't in L.A. for the Texas vs. UCLA game just for kicks... I've confirmed the meeting between Larry Scott and Texas' Dodds and Powers...

Conference Realignment: Congress now taking a hard look


Pete Thamel has a great piece in today's NYT with some interesting observations. The congress angle is close to being in play, if isn't already.. "Congress has the nexus to engage," he...

Conference Realignment: Is the ACC trying to poach Pitt and Syracuse?


Not to be out done by the SEC or the Pac-12, the ACC is jumping into the fray... The person with knowledge of the talks declined to speculate on a timetable or the seriousness of the discussions....

Conference Realignment: Would Texas go the Independent Route?


While everything seems to be in hold mode for the time being, Kirk Bohls penned this great piece about UT and the option of going independent. It's true they don't want to be an independent, even...

Conference Realignment: Baylor now the fly in the ointment


Late last night it was reported that Baylor is holding up things with Texas A&M. From the end of the article to the point that matters the most. So there we have it. The "hurdle" is Baylor...

Conference Realignment: Pac-12 CEO's want to stand pat?


With all the action coming out of the Big 12 over the past few days, we really haven't heard anything about what the Powers that Be in the Pac 12 want. Jon Wilner of the Mercury News brings us this...

Conference Realignment: Texas to the ACC?


Looks like a free-for-all is about to ensue. Take this story for what its's a little over the top. Texas is determined to hold onto the LHN at all costs to point of taking a step down in...

Conference Realignment:...And now the Texas Legislature is getting involved


I didn't want to update my story below because this is a whole separate issue. It also adds another layer of uncertainty as battle lines start to be drawn. Hot off the presses... With reports...

Conference Realignment: Pickens blames Texas, does Texas have an out with LHN?


Couple of interesting articles came up on the Big 12 imploding... T. Boone Pickens thinks the Longhorn Network is the primary culprit. Pickens believes the Cowboys will end up in the Pac-12, with ...

Conference Realignment: Is the The Big 12 on its last legs?


Larry Scott seems to be holding all the chips, as Matt Hayes is reporting. I am stunned at the speed of which this is supposedly happening. OU is in the drivers seat with aTm moving on... A month...

Conference Realignment: The Big 12 under the gun?


Some interesting going's on yesterday. From Chip Brown at Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe convened a conference call late Friday afternoon with a handful of his conference's...

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