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The NCAA is thorough in its investigations?


That is the belief of Rivals Radio Chris Childers. Let me set this up... I am driving into work yesterday. I usually tune into Bill King on Sirius/XM. Bill's show is pushed back this week with his...

Haden surprised at the NCAA's Ohio State report


This made me chuckle... USC Athletic Director Pat Haden said Tuesday that he was "surprised" by last week's news that the NCAA had informed Ohio State that investigators had found no evidence...

Your Tweet of the Day!


Once again, Jay Bilas delivers... NCAA said OSU didn't provide adequate rules education, now says its rules education and monitoring appropriate? What?! USC should be upset.less than a minute...

A truly great day...USC is vindicated and some other thoughts


Yesterday's news on the NCAA not finding any more infractions on Ohio State is like a great day for freedom! No, I haven't been drinking... This is just one more straw on the camels back. Sooner or...

The NCAA may have another issue to look at...


This is not CFB related...yet. But, I could see this as another of one of those gray areas. Former Arizona coach Lute Olson, Baylor coach Scott Drew, Texas Tech coach Billy Gillispie and former...

Tressel's history of past bad deeds goes back a long way


I have tried to be fair in my writings on the Jim Tressel situation. My bewilderment has been more at the NCAA than at Ohio State....But Ohio State is hardly innocent here. Having boasted about...

The NCAA Hammers Georgia Tech


I am a huge Paul Johnson fan, I realize that the football aspect of these infractions happend in his first year at Geogia Tech but this ain't his first rodeo. This takes a little bit of the luster...

Going down the slippery slope


Ohio State, Oregon and WVU are looking at ways to beef up their compliance departments to keep them on the up and up. USC made similar changes after the Bush/Mayo mess by hiring a VP of compliance...

Ohio State vacates 2010, no scholarship reduction or voluntary bowl ban


As I am sure many of of you saw heard yesterday Ohio State took the obvious step of vacating the 2010 season in the wake of the scandal that has rocked the program since it was revealed that that...

Jim Delany's shot across the NCAA's bow


I wonder if Big-10 commissioner Jim Delany and Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott have been chatting things up. We all remember Larry Scott's attempt to make the Pac-16 last year. I personally think...

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