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The NCAA passes on Auburn


The NCAA decided to let the Cam Newton/Aurburn issue go. Not really surprising......The NCAA's claim is that they don't have any HARD evidence. After conducting more than 80 interviews, the...

The NCAA's history shows just how corrupt it is


I was sent this link today. I saw it on twitter but really didn't pay it too much attention until the person who sent it to me told me I had to read it... That the NCAA has lasted this long is mind...

Pat Haden to be part of group to reform NCAA Enforcement


This should be interesting. Pat Haden will attempt to educate the NCAA on how to change its enforcement mode. Haden is going to have either reaffirm or eat his words on the the NCAA being made up...

Did the NCAA go easy on Kiffin because of Paul Dee?


Paul Dee's hypocrisy has been well documented. The Sham that is the NCAA has also been discussed until we are blue in the face. It's clear the NCAA answers to no one, regardless of what some NCAA...

Mark Emmert must think we're stupid


I know this is posted as a FanShot with some great comments but I wanted to chime in... I could go in a lot directions with his interview with the LAT, but I want to just focus on one area that...

Nikias moving USC forward of the NCAA sanctions


Max Nikias made the call and it is final... "I have determined that the university's mission is best served by moving forward at this time, without pursuing further redress," says USC President C....

Larry Scott and Jim Delaney have a meeting of their own

While the NCAA was holding a retreat to discuss the future of college sports, Larry Scott and Jim Delaney got together to discuss one subject that many college football fans have been clamoring...

New APR Rules to determine postseason play?


Academia is starting to take more control of college sports. SEC Commissioner Mike Slive kind of got this ball rolling with his proposal of new GPA's for student athletes. Looks like the college...

NCAA still investigating Ohio State


Interesting. But why rush the current investigation? Why not take all the time you need? Its not like they didn't have a problem taking all the time they needed with USC. Either way, the NCAA is...

In the face of their own bylaws, the NCAA clears Pryor mentor Sarniak in '08


You'll love this! Even with the evidence right under their noses the NCAA looked the other way in the face of their own bylaws... The records show the NCAA ruled in favor of Sarniak, a hometown...

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