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Year In Troy Special: 2013-2014

Check out some of the best and brightest moments from last season.

USC-ND Game Day Info: Where to Watch + More


Where to watch the USC/Notre Dame game plus much more.

UPDATED: The NCAA reverses course on Steven Rhodes


UPDATED: Duh!!!! After two days of relentless criticism for their ruling, the NCAA has reversed their decision regarding the eligibility of Steven Rhodes, the former Marine walking on the M...

LAT & NYT file application to unseal NCAA docs


From Dan Weber... The New York Times and the Los Angeles Times have filed an application to intervene with the California Court of Appeals asking that the appellate record in the Todd McNair...

Mark Emmert's Final Four press conference: A disaster, in tweets -


The beginning of the end for Mark Emmert. This a very petty man. I don't know how he survives after this performance.


Mark Emmert has a checkered past...

Looks like the president of the NCAA leave a lot of mess behind when he seeks greener pastures... Six years after Mark Emmert left his job at the University of Connecticut, the governor of...

Pete Carroll - "It's just so out of whack"


Pete Carroll has some thoughts on the NCAA

The Continued Corruption of the NCAA


Another layer of the onion peeled off Emmert's corrupt organization

USC Non-Revenue Sports Update -- 1/23


Women's hoops struggle while the tennis and swim teams win big.

About those "fair minded folks" at the NCAA


The NCAA has a credibility problem

Winter Trojans Get Back In The Swing of Things


The spring semester has begun, which means a full schedule of Trojan athletics.


Brian Te'o a parent who thinks he in entitled

This is the perfect opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. Manti Te'o is an exceptional human being. Te'o comes from a strong family, is devout in spiritual beliefs and you could even say...

BCS National Championship Open Thread


This should be a great game tonight. I will take 'bama in a close one. Key to the game is the Alabama O-line against the ND front seven. I think Alabama will have some difficulty running the ball...

The LAT finally writes a piece on the NCAA


It isn't enough to be of any help...

Championship Saturday Open Thread


The SEC, Big 10, Big 12 and ACC Complete their seasons today

Week six TV schedule


Week six has a bunch of great games on tab for today

My Favorite 5 - Week One


Although Oregon and UCLA (showing the pathetic depth of the conference) played in the inaugural PAC-12 championship game last year in Eugene, most college football pundits felt that USC was the...

The NCAA's "cram-down" on Penn. St.


One PSU Trustee said, "It's like walking around with a dagger in you..." Another said "Mark Emmert showed himself to be a sanctimonious hypocrite..." These are expected reactions of the Penn St....

Rebecca Soni's Gold, WR Highlight Thursday Action


USC alum Rebecca Soni became the first woman to swim the 200m breaststroke in under 2:20 and became the first woman to repeat as Olympic breaststroke champion. Former Trojans also found success on...

Once again the NCAA is about to overreach


The NCAA Is considering letting boosters provide member institutions with bonuses for their respective athletic departments...

NCAA Announces Stiff Penalties Against Penn State


Editor's Note: USC athletic director Pat Haden has released a statement following the NCAA's sanctioning of Penn State today. It can be found here. A decision did come. This morning, the NCAA a...

Penn. St.'s "Unprecedented" Day of Reckoning


Penn. St.'s "Unprecedented" Day of Reckoning

College Football has a Playoff


We have a playoff. As was announced on ESPN at 6PM EDT the BCS is dead after the 2013 season. Still lots to be a name, a selection committee and the bowl rotation. I guess this is...

The BCS: A Four team play-off in the works


Like it or not we are a play-off society. Every other sport that we play has a play-off system...including D-II and D-III college football. FOLLOW THE SBN STORY STREAM ON THE BCS PLAY-OFF So,...

Oregon hears from the NCAA...Is repeat offender status in play?


The University of Oregon heard from the NCAA last week on the Willie Lyles situation. The rest of us heard about it in a typical Friday afternoon document dump. Bad news travels fast... I highly...

Joe Paterno Passes


I had this ready to go last night, but I waited until it was confirmed. An icon passed today. Paterno is up there with the likes of Bear Bryant and John McKay among others. Paterno was a great...

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