Five Reasons Why USC Should Be "America's [College Football] Team"

  1. They represent the most prestigious U.S. city lacking a professional franchise, and fans will still metaphorically risk their lives supporting the Raiders over FUCLA.
  2. They certainly behave like an NFL team, from free agent acquisitions (Silas Redd, Delvon Simmons, plus rumors involving Everett Golson) to sanctioned Bush-league scandal.
  3. The Spirit of Troy is undeniably distinguishable: the emulated ancestry of Tommy Trojan; the cardinal n gold flowing through the school body's undying devotion; the actual band's IMDB merits; the fact that the SEC yearns to be someone else for a change, making SCAR a monkey's uncle.
  4. They're a star-studded talent hot tub both on and off the field, and soon the gridiron and sideline could each sport a Snoop Doggy Dogg.
  5. Whether we're competent or irrelevant in any given season, people still waste precious energy despising Arrogant Nation.

Top 5 USC Trojans to Watch in 2013

  1. Nelson Agholor (WR) - Marqise Lee should carry this offense and lead the nation in everything (just like Matt Barkley was at one point SUPPOSED to be selected by the Philadelphia Eagles two days earlier than he was), but the SoCal wide receiver In-N-Out is open 24 hours, and Algohor's versatility will be their Thousand Island dressing.
  2. Demetrius Wright (FS) - From Troy Polamalu to T.J. McDonald, safety has forever been an integral component of USC's defensive capability. Can he (along with former linebacker Dion Bailey) "Wright" last season's sinking ship of smog?
  3. Morgan Breslin (DE/OLB) - If the answer to the aforementioned question is no, then the energy and burst of this potential first-round pass rusher better stab Pac 12 opponents through the centers of their respective fields and back in time to an era when people didn't boo-hoo over commercials.
  4. Silas Redd (RB) - With Curtis McNeal's departure, USC's backfield is out of handcuffs but sentenced to outpatient group therapy, courtesy of co-starters Tre Madden and Justin Davis. Luckily for Redd, he is accustomed to watching his overdue silver lining or still too soon?
  5. Kevin Graf (OT) and John Martinez (OG) - I'm cheating here, but the offensive line play in 2012 was exactly that - offensive - as they cheated Barkley in his comeback campaign. Both of these guys are slated to upgrade the right side, but will that be enough, or will Lane Kiffin be custom-ordering a new quarterback from Ronaiah Tuiasosopo after Max Wittek has his left shoulder ripped off Week 1 against Hawaii?

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