USC's missed opportunity to go on the PR offensive


We have noted here in the past that 'SC's lack of PR on all of this could be a real problem for USC when the NCAA's announcement was made. Turns out not only were we right but we aren't the only...

Should USC file a lawsuit against Lloyd and Michael Michaels...among others

Lots of chatter out there on what think USC should or plans to do once they have the appeal out of the way. Regardless of the outcome. Suing those who were at the root of this mess is not out...

The cost of Taylor Mays' senior year


There has been a lot of chatter on the boards about Taylor Mays not being picked by Pete Carroll let alone being picked at all in the first round of last nights opening act of the 2010 NFL Draft. F...

Bellotti's Resignation Not Necessarily a Sign of Anything


As many of you have already heard, Oregon's Mike Bellotti resigned from his post as athletic director to take on a job as a college football analyst with ESPN. And you can't really blame the guy....

The Effects of anti-USC sentiments on the upcoming NCAA ruling


There are many out there who feel that USC has already lost in the court of public opinion when it comes to the NCAA and its investigation of USC. A four year investigation, numerous negative...

Lane Kiffin Reset - The Morning After


This is not going to be a popular post so fair warning... I have always tried to be objective but I realize that sometimes the raucous fan comes out in me. I was giddy lat night night but upon...

The Back Story on Weis' Comments


I had planned on taking to today off to just reflect on yesterday's loss to Arizona and the season as a whole but I have been keeping tabs of this whole situation regarding Charlie Weis' comments...

Hey! It's a two-fer...another misinformed "journalist"


I will make this quick... Someone is not paying attention. Here is the set-up... Surely by now you've heard about what happened to Oklahoma State's Dez Bryant, the talented wide receiver who was...

Revisionist History, wishful thinking and a sense of entitlement


Despite a pathetic showing over the past few years Notre Dame tries to show the world that they still matter...Right!

Why USC fans have trouble with Yahoo's reporting


USC fans think Yahoo's reporting is heavy on the sensational headlines and thin on reliable fact.

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