What's The Greatest Freshman Season Ever


This list peaked our curiosity about the best freshman seasons ever.

20-Year Timeline on the O.J. Simpson Story


June 17th, 1994 stands alone as a historic day in life after football for O.J.

USC to NFL: Trojans' Stake in Super Bowl XLVIII


Why should the diehard Trojan but casual NFL follower care more about football on this particular Sunday? The Italian Trojan highlights the cardinal-n-gold at MetLife Stadium.

A 2013 Season Retrospective


Paragon's look back on the 2013 season


The Te'o Story Should Change Heisman Debates

Over at my other sportswriting site, CollegeSpun, I wrote an article about the impact the dead girlfriend story had on how Manti Te'o was portrayed in the media and his campaign for the Heisman,...

Former UCLA player Reeves Nelson Sues SI


I think this case is going to be interesting. Former UCLA player Reeves Nelson is suing Sports Illustrated for $10 million, citing defamation, false light and intentional infliction of emotional...

NCAA gets out the comfy pillow: the Ohio State penalties


The NCAA handed out their sanctions to Ohio State today. The summary version: Nine scholarship reduction over 3 years One year bowl ban Five year show-cause penalty for Jim Tressel. The...

Lighten Up Francis


[The original title of this was going to be "Shit Tyrone Get It Together" but then Paragon asked me to main-page it, and SBN doesn't like the filth-flarn-filth in headlines...] I was working...

Frank Beamer needs to get his facts straight


Interesting comments from Frank Beamer on the radio... On the NFL upholding the five-game suspension leveled to Terrelle Pryor at Ohio State: "I appreciate the NFL working with the colleges to …...

Continuing Bruce Feldman Coverage...LINKS!


The CFB world won't let this go easily so here are a few more takes on this situation... Bruce Feldman's Suspension, ESPN, And An Order For Watermelons All Around - SBNation.comBruce Feldman's...

ESPN Circles the Wagons...Suspends Bruce Feldman


This is an odd one to me. But ESPN has suspended Bruce Feldman indefinitely for his involvement with Mike Leach's book Swing your Sword. Doria, Hoenig and Stiegman informed Feldman today that he...

Some thoughts on Lonnie White's "revelation"


For the life of me I cannot understand why Lonnie White decided to come clean about his taking money when he was a player from 1982-1986. Why Now? What purpose does this soul cleansing serve? And d...

Thoughts on the BCS Title Game


Just some random thoughts thoughts on last nights game... First, this is from Bill Plaschke... Ending what might have been the most exciting college football season in history, Auburn finished...

It's a Kiffin-Centric World


At first glance, Lane Kiffin calls to mind a first-year head football coach: a near-500 record, an effort to make peace with athletic administrators and an emphasis on the future, you know, better...

A Plea to Remember Tim Floyd


The name, Tim Floyd, doesn't resonate the way it once did on Jefferson and Figueroa. Not that it ever resonated much to begin with, but at the very least, it did elicit some positive feelings....

Notre Dame Makes Right Move in Admitting Guilt


I've been relatively hesitant to comment on the death of Notre Dame football videographer Declan Sullivan, who died last week when a hydraulic scissor lift collapsed near the school's practice...

Max Nikias Doesn't Want You to Get Drunk


Under new president C.L. Max Nikias, who will be inaugurated tomorrow, and new athletic director Pat Haden, USC is going through a culture change. That's not a new concept. From the closed football...

The Fashionable Overuse of Hype and the 2010 USC Trojans


I get it. I really do. Hype sells. It sells jerseys, newspaper clipping, and newly minted baseball cards. And because it sells so well, we now have a sports culture that thrives upon hype -...

Bush Stiff-Arms USC For Good


Maybe it's time I stop trying to understand how athletes think. Before LeBron infamously declared that he was taking his "talents" to South Beach, I told anybody that would listen that there was no...

Growth in Maturity Evident for Kiffin at Media Day


Joey Kaufman of Conquest Chronicles discusses the increase in maturity on behalf of the Trojans' new head coach - Lane Kiffin. This report comes live from Pac-10 Media Day at the Rose Bowl.

Haden Hire Essentially Puts Kevin O'Neill on the Hot Seat


In many ways, Kevin O'Neill has always been on the hot seat at USC. When hired by Mike Garrett just over a year ago, it's safe to say that O'Neill was never thought of as the long term replacement...

Jerry Buss Defends Mike Garrett


Despite graduating from USC with a Ph.D in Chemistry during the late 50s and being a prominent figure in Los Angeles, Lakers owner Dr. Jerry Buss typically stays out of the limelight when it comes...

The Steve Spurrier Clown Show


You have to laugh at South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier. As we all know Spurrier has a habit of opening his mouth and inserting a shoe store. One of his more famous gaffes was after he left the...

Could Garrett Be Leaving Sooner Than Once Thought


It's been speculated for some time now that Mike Garrett could be nearing the end of his 17-year run as head of the USC athletic department. But ever since the NCAA released a 67-page report in...

So what about Tim Floyd's alleged $1000 Dollar Handshake?


Lost in all the talk of the modern day death penalty handed down in the NCAA's report, is that there is no mention of Tim Floyd's alleged $1000 pay off to Rodney Guillory. You know, the pay off...

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