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Willie Lyles Speaks...but who is the disgruntled party?


By now you have all seen or heard about Wille Lyles supposedly coming to clean to Yahoos! Charles Robinson and Dan Wetzel. It is no secret that I am not a fan of Robinson. He and Jason Cole still...

Some brief thoughts on Oregon's Cliff Harris


I have read the Cliff Harris story with some amusement. In the grand scheme of things his situation is really just a blip on the radar. Kids do stupid things in cars or bars or whatever all the...

The Pac-12 TV Deal


It is hard to argue that Larry Scott didn't put together a good deal for the conference. The LA Times has some of the particulars... Pac-10 Commissioner Larry Scott said the deal leaves room for...

2011 NCAA Tournament Day Two Open Thread


So here we go for Day 2... There were some great games yesterday so hopefully we get the same thing today!! Here is today's slate... 12:15 PM (13) Oakland vs. (4) Texas* CBS 12:40 PM (9) T...

The Pac-12 Cleans House...


Looks like a few more officials got the boot. Mike Pereira, named last month the Pac-12's interim coordinator of football officiating, said there will be 16 new officials in the conference next...

Meet the New Boss...


I love The Who, so I always like it when I can give them a bit of tribute in my posts... The OCR sat down recently with the NCAA's new chief enforcer. Roe Lach became the NCAA's vice president of...

Is Colorado a threat in the Pac-12 South?


Admittedly, we've been preoccupied on this blog with the current state of affairs with our athletic program, namely the sanctions and various other things related to the NCAA and compliance. As a...

The Pac-12 to Restructure Football Officiating


I am skeptical and really not sure what any of this means... After a comprehensive review of the officiating program and a request by Dave Cutaia to step down as the Coordinator of Football...

Rocky Seto Takes the High Road...


It is hard not to feel bad for Rocky Seto. After being brought to Seattle by Pete Carroll as a throw in as director of "quality control" for the Seahawks, Seto jumped at the chance to be the...

Neuheisel's hot seat even hotter?


We all know that the guy across town if flirting with disaster, and after three years at the helm of the Bruins' program, time isn't on his side. 4-8 in the third year isn't going to win over too...

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