Max Browne Discusses The Quarterback Competition

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Not being named starter after battling back and forth with Cody Kessler for the entire Spring, redshirt freshman Max Browne will have plenty of motivation heading into this years Fall Camp.

Coach Sarkisian has said the position is not yet set in stone and knowing what the five-star talent brings to the table, the daily competition will only benefit these quarterbacks.

Browne spent most of last season grinding through the playbook on the scout team offense as a redshirt freshman, and now working under his second head coach in two years, Browne feels more adjusted to this offense. "There's all the bigger, stronger, faster stuff, but I've also been working with a QB coach a lot, working on my foot work and I've been monitoring my diet a lot more," Browne told's Yaron Weitzman.

In terms of actually losing the quarterback job, Browne believes that "my lack of game experience compared to the guy ahead of me made him a more consistent option," but the opportunity to compete at USC (both academically and athletically) make his collegiate decision all the more worthwhile with still three more years left to play.

Q: What kind of music do you guys usually listen to in the locker room?

Browne: Usually some rap, whatever the LA kids are listening to, but today we actually had country in there. Not really sure how that happened.

Q: You redshirted last year and didn't win the QB competition this year. When you heard that you were going to starting the season on the bench, behind Cody Kessler, what was your reaction?

Browne: My reaction use it as fuel. I mean the decision is the decision and I knew this was a possibility. All I can do now, and it's a cliche but it's true, is to look at the positives and use this as an opportunity to really critique my game, and to get better.

It may take another two years to see what Browne can fully contribute as the Trojans full-time starter, but his continued development could do wonders for the Washington natives future running Steve Sarkisian's offense.

"I think our offense is going to be really explosive this year. He's got a really good offensive mind, and even though he didn't tell me what I wanted to hear [with his quarterback choice], he's still someone that I've known for a while and I'm excited to see where we go. He was actually the first college coach to offer me a scholarship-when he was in Washington, I'm from there, the weekend after my freshman year ended he offered me a spot," Browne says of Sarkisian.

We know that Ricky Town will be coming to USC next Fall, which means the quarterback competition will only get tougher and more noteworthy as Max Browne continues to develop along. Rest assured Steve Sarkisian is licking his chops over what the best of his competition mantra can bring out of these talented pocket passers.

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