The AP Poll has released their top 25 rankings with no unanimous number one selection, while the Trojans finish out the rankings at 25th overall.

Here are the official rankings following the first week of action in college football, and look for one team in particular who remains on the edge of the rankings. Overall, a total of five Pac-12 teams sit on the list including Washington (20) following their impressive victory over Boise State. The Trojans sit right at the edge of this weeks rankings following their 30-13 win over Hawaii at Aloha Stadium, so lets dive right in to Week 2 of College Football.

Rank Team Record Votes Previous
1 Alabama (58) 1-0 1,497 1
2 Oregon 1-0 1,355 3
3 Ohio State (1) 1-0 1,330 2
4 Clemson (1) 1-0 1,304 8
5 Stanford 0-0 1,277 4
6 South Carolina 1-0 1,181 6
7 Texas A&M 1-0 1,085 7
8 Louisville 1-0 1,073 9
9 LSU 1-0 971 12
10 Florida State 1-0 953 11
11 Georgia 0-1 894 5
12 Florida 1-0 875 10
13 Oklahoma State 1-0 780 13
14 Notre Dame 1-0 707 14
15 Texas 1-0 674 15
16 Oklahoma 1-0 612 16
17 Michigan 1-0 583 17
18 UCLA 1-0 387 21
19 Northwestern 1-0 320 22
20 Washington 1-0 315 NR
21 Wisconsin 1-0 287 23
22 Nebraska 1-0 219 18
23 Baylor 1-0 150 NR
24 TCU 0-1 148 20
25 USC 1-0 135 24
Others Receiving Votes: Miami (FL) 127, Mississippi 50, Arizona State 48, Michigan State 42, Northern Illinois 27, Cincinnati 27, Fresno State 22, Virginia Tech 12, Bowling Green 9, Georgia Tech 8, Arizona 6, Penn State 4, Boise State 3, Virginia 2, Arkansas 1

In an interesting turn, the Oregon Ducks leaped over the Ohio State Buckeyes following their 66-point outburst over Nicholls State but did not receive a first place vote from the voters. Stanford (5) did not play this weekend, and will prepare for their home opener against (1-0) San Jose State.

The UCLA Bruins remained in the rankings following their impressive display of offense over Nevada, while other rival Notre Dame remains at No. 14 following a duty-like 28-6 win over Temple.  Both these USC rivals have manageable schedules early in the season, and should give the Trojans a good top-25 battle come November.

The Washington Huskies benefited the most in the rankings, jumping all the way up to 20th in the poll following an impressive beat down of Boise State. Keith Price and Bishop Sankey give the Huskies a legitimate 1-2 punch on offense that rivals the best powers in the suddenly formidable Pac-12 North division.

The biggest story lies with USC standing on the brink of others finishing out the ranks at No. 25 heading into the Pac-12 home opener. Luckily for the Trojans, the schedule presents them an opportunity to start 4-0 following three straight home games against non-ranked opponents before traveling to Arizona State on September 28th.

Just one order of business Trojan fans, the coaches poll was also released this morning and the Trojans faired much better landing 22nd overall, which stands one spot ahead of hot-shot Washington in the rankings.

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