Top Five Coliseum Cameos


Pat Haden should either exponentiate his renovation plans or spare the effort and scrap the project, because Brad Pitt's people have been blowing up the Coliseum repeatedly over the past ten days anyway.

Perhaps the lead actor and producer of World War Z aspired to give his alma mater Missouri's newfound SEC foster parents a diabolical thank-you gift. It's possible the California Science Center realized they'd rather be devoured by zombies than compromise their share of the land. Regardless of whoever is responsible for the non-spoiling, apocalyptic space-invading of this old building, she was cast to cash in on yet another fifteen minutes of fame all the same.

From Olympics to World Series and decades of football in between, the Trojans renowned and rented real estate since 1923 has additionally been fraternizing with USC's School of Cinematic Arts throughout the years, just as the campus itself has played host to several notable flicks of American film lore. That reminds me...Legally Blonde doesn't really take place at Harvard...omigod.

So, which sports movies make the best use of their guest-starring space? Lights, Coliseum, Action!

5) Cars (2006)

The Pixar-animated Piston Cup venue is actually based upon the Coliseum, and I'm sure a facility conceptualized by the combination of George Lucas and John Lasseter could lure even the Dallas Cowboys to Los Angeles.

4) Gus (1976)

Yet again a Disney movie, and one featuring Don Knotts and a place-kicking mule, at that! It's the bridge between Traveler and Air Bud, and the Coliseum picked up after it every trot of the way.

3) Escape from L.A. (1996)

Speaking of renovation (or rather downgrading based on inspiration drawn from the Trojan utopia's ghetto outskirts in this science fiction narrative), the pending death of Snake Plissken relies solely on a basketball challenge. Observe the setting's versatility and admire a fiery Spalding soar from hoop to hoop as if lighting the Olympic torch.

2) North Dallas Forty (1979)

"Saturday Night" lighting is key in shooting, for the dramatic effect is modestly concealing the fact that no extras are in attendance during the making of this production. I don't recall any of the game days over the course my education ever having that problem, but V for Victory nonetheless.

1) Heaven Can Wait (1978)

Good Luck Mr. Farnsworth

One of a mere handful of pig-skinned films to be nominated for Best Picture, it's more than just an all-time football movie on paper. These Los Angeles Rams were the only franchise in NFL history to partake in a Super Bowl held in their home stadium, and yet they still fled the city two years later...

Honorable Mentions - The Last Boy Scout (1991; arena, if you will, of climactic action-packed finale); D2: The Mighty Ducks (1994; practice site after humiliating 12-1 loss to Iceland); Jerry Maguire (1996; a scene in the outdoor concourse...and it's Jerry Maguire).

That's a wrap, people. Here's to USC capping off their 2013-14 campaign with another Hollywood ending, or else we'll be sending Lane Kiffin to Vault 139.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Conquest Chronicles' writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Conquest Chronicles' writers or editors.

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