Enfield's Comments from the full Press Conference

For anyone who didn't take the time to watch the full presser, I decided to capture some of my favorite quotes and share some of my commentary. Please add your own in the comments and I'm interested in hearing everyone else's opinions.

When talking about his player development program:

"This is all about the upperclassmen right now. Our existing roster has to win games next year. And I know we'll bring some freshmen in, but our existing roster has to improve and they're the guys we're gonna rely on! And that's why it's so important we develop that culture and that takes time. The returnees are the cornerstone of your program, and sure you have to bring in some talent for the future and maybe some freshmen who are talented to play, but these guys who I just met with this morning are what I'm focused on and I can't wait to get started."

Enfield clearly has his priorities, and talking points, straight. This is a nicely composed answer that says all the right things; to a point he expects to win with this roster next year, he is focused on our returning players, but he hasn't forgotten about the importance of good recruiting.

On his system, recruiting, and practice:

"Our system is so fast paced and up-tempo, and exciting to play. That's why I think players in this area are gonna be thrilled to come play in this. But... if you wanna play fast you gotta practice fast, and you have to drill each aspect of it. So when you're in transition or you're in a half court, you're going full speed getting by your guy and now it's time to step around a big guy and finish with your left hand you better be able to do it."

This paragraph say's a lot with a little. I really believe at the college level that your success is more determined by player skill sets and decision making. Considering the limits on practice imposed by the NCAA, you get more bang for your buck by focusing on player development and overall team culture rather than installing set offenses. I also appreciate that he dropped the word "drills" in there, I mean is anybody out there as tired as I am of watching our team bungle a simple inbounds play?

On being a "pro":

"[All players] on the court want to be pros. And... that has been my goal ever since I was a college coach. What are you gonna do to make them a pro? All they gotta do is come with a work ethic and they'll be a pro "

Different people might read this differently, but the way I got it is that if players want to nominally be pro athletes then he's going to turn them into true professionals.

On USC and Trojan Alumni:

"The intriguing thing about USC is, it's one of the top academic institutions in the world. The alumni base here is astounding; the USC alumni have been so successful and most of them, a lot of them, still live in this area. It's important for my basketball players to engage not only with the student body, but from an educational standpoint, the alumni."

I like that he takes the alumni into account here. For USC, the alumni are an especially powerful and important aspect of the university relative to a place like FGCU.

On education:

"I think it's important they [student athletes] get a well-rounded college experience. I don't mess around with education. I know what it did for me and I know what it has done for a lot of people. Our students will go to class and we'll give them all the support they need."

Maybe a bit of a token sentiment, but I like that he used the word "students" rather than "student athletes" in that response. It might not mean anything, but I think it gives some insight into how Andy Enfield thinks and what his expectations of his players are.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Conquest Chronicles' writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Conquest Chronicles' writers or editors.

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