Tim Floyd Launches off at USC and Andy Enfield

Sports Illustrated, CNNSI, LA Times, ESPN, and the Twitter feeds are lit up tonight with news of a verbal altercation between Andy Enfield (USC Head Coach), Tim Floyd (University of Texas El Paso Head Coach) and Bob Cantu (UTEP assistant coach). The altercation happened at the Battle for Atlantis during what is described as either a reception or dinner meal.

According to multiple tweets by Sports Illustrated and CBS reporter Seth Davis, who is in the Bahamas, Southern California's Andy Enfield, UTEP's Tim Floyd and staffers for both teams were involved in an altercation during the event.

"Ugly incident at reception for Battle 4 Atlantis. Andy Enfield & Tim Floyd got into heated argument. USC & UTEP assts had to be separated," Davis tweeted.

He also said USC assistants Tony Bland and Jason Hart and UTEP assistant Bob Cantu were involved.

"Enfield's wife Amanda was standing next to him as Floyd was jabbing his finger towards Enfield's chest. Big crowd watched it happen," Davis tweeted.

Floyd would not confirm or deny the events that reportedly occurred at the reception when he was contacted by

"I don't have anything say," Floyd told "I don't know why you're calling. I don't have anything to say. I have nothing to say."

Following USC's loss to Villanova on Thursday in the quarterfinals of the Battle 4 Atlantis, Enfield apologized for exchanging heated words with UTEP's staff.

"I regret that the situation happened and I apologize to the USC fans, but this is about the players," Enfield said. "We're moving on.''


The verbal altercation wasn't enough for Tim Floyd and Bob Cantu. Instead of letting sleeping dogs lie, Floyd launched off at USC and Enfield at a press conference, as reported here:

Here's one snappy set of quotes from Tim Floyd tonight:
"We’re not going to just sit back and take it in the shorts, OK? Floyd said minutes after his Miners beat Tennessee in the Battle 4 Atlantis. "Just not going to do it, not going to do it. We’ve done it enough."

"As far as him saying he was just trying to apologize (Wednesday), it had been really nice if he had tried to apologize three weeks ago when that magazine article came out, to phone call then and try to do it then, OK?" Floyd said. "His timing wasn’t very good."

- See more at:

I have a few choice comments to Cantu and Floyd

First, quoting one story "Cantu appeared to address the matter on Twitter later Wednesday night, writing: "Everyone involved is just over reacting. Just coach your team and act like you have been there." The tweet was later deleted."

To Bob Cantu - I liked you when you were at USC, but now I realize just how misguided my impression of you really was. All you really care about is your salary and job right now. You clearly launched off at USC in the Sports Illustrated article with an allegation of recruiting impropriety. This occurs after you were passed over for HC seven months ago. What's the deal Bob? Or, should I really be asking, what wasn't the deal?

Haden was correct in not selecting you because you show a strange sense of loyalty for former employers. Just eight months ago, you were meeting with alumni and telling us how much you enjoyed being at USC? Tonight, you now seem to be telling the national sports media USC engaged in interference with a UTEP recruit. I find it odd that you were assistant coach at USC or had just left USC while the recruiting "interference" was occurring. The player ended up at UCLA!

Are you seriously alleging NCAA recruiting violations while you were on BOTH sides of the recruiting (both at USC and then UTEP later)??? Is it just coincidence that you worked for Tim Floyd before and work for Tim Floyd again? Is it just coincidence that OJ Mayo's situation was under Tim Floyd? Were you at USC, Bob, when OJ Mayo was playing for his one year in NCAA basketball? You and Tim knew nothing about OJ Mayo's relationships and NCAA violations while in progress at USC? yet, you want to allege that Enfield "interfered" with your recruiting?

And, you want the NCAA basketball fans to respect your statements and your twitter feed??? You're kidding right????

To Tim Floyd - Your comments to the national news media just puts the exclamation point on your firing by USC. You are unique in your classless off-court trash talk. I see that you are a native of El Paso. I'm so pleased that you are happy and proud of El Paso because it is obvious to me that you are a superb match for El Paso and the University of Texas system.

Your irresponsible and unprofessional behavior has not escaped the attention of either USC alumni or your former players. Don't think graduated players have to suck up to you after leave California and hide out on the Rio Grande.

If your players are following your example at UTEP, they would trash talk any employer they see fit. But, on the other hand, what exactly is the business and international trade curricula of UTEP on the Rio Grande?

Tim, do you really want to get into it with USC alumni about the merits of being in the El Paso, Texas market versus the Southern California market?

Seriously, Tim, do you really think anyone in the mass media really gives a rats ass about the El Paso, Texas, media market? I mean where exactly do your games get broadcast? Ciudad Juarez is a great viewership to pick up these days. I hear that they are hot for basketball and love UTEP.

I have no doubt where all the foul-mouthed media coverage against USC during the 2012 Sun Bowl really came from... it came right from you Tim. I know a skunk's smell when I get a whiff and the stink coming from your tail is perfume de la Floyd. With the way you use the media to broadcast your stench, we end up getting the foul smell 1000 miles away in California despite our 70 degree temperatures. Good riddance to you and your NCAA violating OJ Mayo stunt.

To Andy Enfield - hire a personal media guy. You would do better showing up to Alumni functions also. If you don't show up to talk directly with Alumni, you will rapidly lose favor with the alumni. Do not lose your student body or your alumni! That will translate to empty seats by mid-January and a losing season by March.

To Pat Haden - Some questions for you sir...
(1) Why in the world is Andy Enfield and his wife even having to sit in the same room with the guys you've passed over for head coach?
(2) This situation was a set up if I ever heard one. Obviously, no one reviewed the time tables, appearances, and situations for Enfield and his wife. So, why not? Did the move of Heritage Hall offices to University Village do something to your staff function in the last six months? For some reason, I'm hearing a lot of belly aching from alumni and donors in the restaurants around Los Angeles. Can we start to follow Coach O's mantra of "one team and one family"???
(3) Who scheduled this "battle for Atlantis" and why in the world are we four time zones from our home? The kids are playing at 10 AM PST, nearly 12 hours off set from usual game tip off.
(4) The coverage isn't on PAC-12 but it is on a no name Mark Cuban owned network that has ZERO coverage on Cox and Time Warner. This basically ruled out 90% of people in Southern California watching the games.
(5) USC Athletics puts our head coach and assistant coaches in this "reception"? It's a called a "set up" and a media "ambush". I would highly encourage you to relieve the people who made that mistake. It's a sophomoric error which shows either an absence of staff doing work or an inability to get control on the appearances of our highest profile coaching staff. Either way, this situation is not entirely Andy's fault. It's also your responsibility to protect your coaches from this type of situation.
(6) If we end up aligned to go to the El Paso Sun Bowl, could you PLEASE REJECT THE SUN BOWL!!! I would rather see us go to no bowl game or even to the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl than El Paso.

Pat, El Paso's media sent those cold West Texas winds down on Lane Kiffin and USC before the game last year. I distinctly recall the El Paso sports guy on their local ABC TV affiliate telling the people of El Paso to show up to boo the Trojans and root against them. They did exactly that during the game. With that kind of reception at El Paso and with Tim Floyd's kind of mouth at UTEP, why in the world would we be talking with this guy?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Conquest Chronicles' writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Conquest Chronicles' writers or editors.

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