USC Ranks 23rd In The AP Poll Following Dramatic Victory Over Stanford

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

In a game that featured enough dramatic moments for an entire season, the USC Trojans emerged victorious from the crowd-stormed field like a team that finally lifted demons of previous coaching regimes off its back.

Fans came storming onto the field in rather celebratory fashion, staying out on the Coliseum grass for almost an hour after the game in pure joy and excitement for what has taken place under coach Orgeron.

Winners of five straight games in conference play, this team has instantly gained credibility in the national spectrum after defeating then fourth-ranked Stanford for the programs first victory against a ranked opponent this season.

The late-game antics all started with a risky play call on fourth and two from midfield, and it all resulted in Andre Heidari, the kicker who already missed an extra point earlier in the night, sealing the upset victory with a 47-yard field goal.

"I knew I was taking a chance but I looked in these guys' eyes and I knew they wanted to go for it. I wanted to give them the best shot to get what they wanted," said coach Orgeron. "It worked; it was a great call. It could have gone the other way, I understand that. But it was a good throw."

In a victory that arguably brought a troubling start to the season full circle, players on this team are confident and filled with plenty of positive vibes behind Orgeron's calling point of "One Team, One Heartbeat."

"I'm happy for the fans. It's been a long time coming," Orgeon said, defeating Stanford for the first time in five years. "They've battled Stanford for a long time and they deserve it. They work hard. There were so many people on campus this morning I couldn't believe it. It seems like two days ago. There are so many hardworking, dedicated people."

Rank Team Record Votes Previous
1 Alabama (55) 10-0 1,495 1
2 Florida State (5) 10-0 1,445 2
3 Baylor 9-0 1,351 4
4 Ohio State 10-0 1,343 3
5 Oregon 9-1 1,210 6
6 Auburn 10-1 1,205 7
7 Clemson 9-1 1,115 8
8 Missouri 9-1 1,067 9
9 Texas A&M 8-2 956 10
10 Stanford 8-2 899 5
11 Oklahoma State 9-1 889 12
12 South Carolina 8-2 870 11
13 Michigan State 9-1 749 14
14 UCLA 8-2 710 13
15 Fresno State 9-0 572 16
16 Wisconsin 8-2 559 17
17 UCF 8-1 535 15
18 LSU 7-3 439 18
19 Arizona State 8-2 430 21
20 Northern Illinois 10-0 426 20
21 Louisville 9-1 412 19
22 Oklahoma 8-2 318 22
23 USC 8-3 187 NR
24 Mississippi 7-3 119 NR
25 Duke 8-2 94 NR
Others Receiving Votes: Minnesota 77, Notre Dame 11, Texas 10, Georgia 5, Nebraska 1, Cincinnati 1

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