Closing the book on Stanford

September 15, 2012; Stanford, CA, USA; Southern California Trojans quarterback Matt Barkley (7) passes the ball against the Stanford Cardinal during the second quarter at Stanford Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-US PRESSWIRE

SI's Peter King has some thoughts on Saturday's loss...

4. I think, however, I wouldn't be taking Matt Barkley out of your 2013 draft top five just yet. Or your top one. I know nothing, and watched most of the second half of the USC debacle Saturday night during which I questioned some of Barkley's decisions. But his offense line is hapless. Absolutely terrible. The left tackle shouldn't be playing at a Juco.

Gee Peter, hyperbole much??

I know King is an alleged respected expert but he didn't do his homework after watching just one half of the game.

Aundrey Walker is a guard not a tackle. When your depth is an issue it's all hands on deck. Walker missed some of fall camp so how could he be up to speed to play, especially if he is not playing at his normal position. I mean really, he is playing at USC so I think he could play pretty well at a JUCO.

Sadly, what we saw Saturday was a new D-1 OL playing out of position while getting manhandled by more talented and experienced players.

Walker will be fine...he has a lot of growing to do before he tests for the NFL combine. A lot can happen between now and then.

- - -

Kiffin says the team was prepared for Saturday

USC coach Lane Kiffin said one of his players apologized to him Sunday morning for saying the Trojans were underprepared for their 21-14 road loss to Stanford on Saturday.

That player, starting tight end Randall Telfer, said after Saturday’s game that USC’s players "tried to take [Stanford] lightly," adding "that’s probably the reason why we lost."

He also indicated the Trojans were overwhelmed by the then-No. 21 Cardinal.

"All around, we probably weren’t prepared as we should’ve been for this team," Telfer, a third-year player, said after the game. "They’re a really good team."

Kiffin, speaking in his Sunday evening conference call with reporters, said Telfer was caught by media members "as he was walking out and frustrated."

"What he was really trying to say was he felt he didn’t do as good as he could have," Kiffin said. "He wasn’t really saying it in that direction."

Kiffin said he disagreed with Telfer’s assertion and did not feel outcoached by Stanford’s David Shaw."

OK, but this will be unpopular...was the staff prepared?

No hard snap counts, little adjustments etc.

I am still scratching my head...

- - -

Bud Withers thinks USC's loss to Stanford hurts the Pac-12's relevance...

USC is one of the nation's bellwether programs, one that gives the league credibility all by itself, and it was ranked No. 2. It was headed, seemingly, for an early-November showdown with Oregon that was going to get the country's attention. Now the Trojans, who fell to No. 13, are just another glitzy outfit that can't seem to play smash-mouth football.

Then there's this week's USC-Cal game on the Pac-12 Networks that was supposed to be the one that would entice DirecTV into the fold. Now that might be the third-best game of the day, behind Oregon State-UCLA and Arizona-Oregon.

As I have said before, the polls are useless until mid October...when everyone has a couple of conference games under their belt.

Stanford has helped the cause and Oregon is about to get their chance. Again, too much hyperbole lets check back in a month or so.

- - -

Here is the Kiffin conference call. Listen to his comments for yourself.

Kiffin Post Stanford Call

- - -

Michael Lev doesn't think that Saturday's loss is not the end of the world.

A day after the Trojans' crushing loss at Stanford, Lane Kiffin noted to his players that they lost their Pac-12 road opener the previous year as well. That defeat was even worse – by 21 points at Arizona State.

USC would lose only one more game the rest of the season. The lesson: As bad as it seems at the time, it's possible to bounce back – and bounce back big - from an early-season loss.

"Hopefully this year we'll do the same," Kiffin said Sunday during his weekly teleconference.

The stakes weren't as high a year ago; USC was ineligible for the postseason. So in that sense, the loss at ASU didn't matter as much as Saturday's 21-14 setback at Stanford.

GOing to be tougher to duplicate last year but if anyone can do it it is this team.

They just got punched in the mouth so they are pissed.

On to Cal...

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