Washington Post publishes story on Notre Dame Football and Rape Scandal (Another NCAA Fail!)

A serious story has appeared in the Washington Post about this year's Notre Dame football team.

The article causes me to question the eligibility of players because of involvement in criminal misconduct and violent crime.

The reporter reports "a player accused of rape and that the young lady died 10 days after going public with her accusation

The reporter further writes "two players on the team have committed serious criminal acts – sexual assault in one case, and rape in another"

"neither man will ever be found guilty in court; one of the victims is dead and the other, according to the Notre Dame student who drove her to the ER afterward, in February 2011, decided to keep her mouth shut at least in part because she’d seen what happened to the first woman. Neither player has ever even been named, and won’t be here, either, since neither was charged with a crime."

"Two years ago, Lizzy Seeberg, a 19-year-old freshman at Saint Mary’s College, across the street from Notre Dame, committed suicide after accusing an ND football player of sexually assaulting her. The friend Lizzy told immediately afterward said she was crying so hard she was having trouble breathing."

"A few months later, a resident assistant in a Notre Dame dorm drove a freshman to the hospital for a rape exam after receiving an S.O.S. call. "She said she’d been raped by a member of the football team at a party off campus," the R.A. told me. I also spoke to the R.A.’s parents, who met the young woman that same night, when their daughter brought her to their home after leaving the hospital. They said they saw — and reported to athletic officials — a hailstorm of texts from other players, warning the young woman not to report what had happened: "They were trying to silence this girl," the R.A.’s father told me. And did; no criminal complaint was ever filed."

I am a great fan of USC football and the role of the USC v. Notre Dame game in the history of collegiate athletics. Frankly, the game's longevity plays a huge role in the lengthy history of athletics in the United States. It always will be, as long as the rivalry game continues.

With the recent activity in the Todd McNair vs. NCAA case, the malice shown by NCAA investigators towards USC stands in stark contrast with the absolute absence of comment regarding multiple criminal acts by existing players for Notre Dame. Has the NCAA known of these issues at Notre Dame?

The irony is that I am not writing of the despicable and violent acts against the two female victims of sexual assault. I'm writing about the "hailstorm of texts from other players, warning the young woman not to report what had happened". Isn't that itself OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE worthy of NCAA formal investigation and immediate action?

The reporter states: "I also spoke to the R.A.’s parents"

The reporter writes "they saw — and reported to athletic officials".

Let me say that again... "they saw" and "they reported to athletic officials"

This is nauseating! The RA's parents reported to Notre Dame school officials that they saw the texts from school players? Those texts should be capable of being retreived by FBI or other federal agencies.

NCAA wrongfully accuses a USC coach of misconduct. NCAA then wrongfully accuses USC of a lack of institutional control when there is no evidence that USC personnel were ever informed about the conduct investigated by NCAA in the USC case.

Meanwhile, NCAA chooses to utterly ignore obstruction of justice by the University of Notre Dame Athletic Department? This is the Washington Post! We're not talking about National Rag Mag stories here people. This is outrageous misconduct if the NCAA smacks it to USC and Penn State while utterly ignoring the deplorable obstruction of justice to cover multiple violent crimes.

We're on sanctions for years because of the misconduct and obstruction of justice at NCAA COI regarding the USC case! We're on sanctions and our players had to pay a price because of their loyalty to the USC Trojan Family. We're on sanctions for years and our vendors all pay a price with decreased attendance. The school pays a price for the tar and feather by the media. We alumni pay that same price by affiliation, but our school and our players and coaches NEVER EVER obstructed justice. Now, Washington Post publishes this story on Notre Dame and nobody in the NCAA or any federal agency picks up the phone to call for a formal investigation of the obstruction of justice involved? Where is Mark Emmert and the NCAA in this???

The misconduct is clear. Text messages were sent to threaten the family and the girl into silence about the reporting of a violent crime. The text messages are transmitted electronically and the signature is clear. You know where the messages come from and where the messages were sent. You know the carriers and the cell phone providers. The RA's family saw the messages and the information was transmitted to the school.

Who at Notre Dame had responsibility for this? Did Notre Dame do something about these messages and the player conduct? The FBI can easily subpoena database records from the cell phone carrier. Where is the local law enforcement in this process and who in South Bend is so lazy that they can not do the job a blog reader 1500 miles away can think though. I'm no LEO/DA guy, but this one is pretty obvious. It doesn't even take the allegation to be formally filed. This news report is enough to require the investigation because the reporter herself talked with the RA's family who was present and a formal medical record of the assault is present at the hospital to substantiate events.

I thought the USC case made me nauseated. After the Penn State debacle, where is the Notre Dame honor and integrity here? This is the same lack of institutional control that Penn State shows.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Conquest Chronicles' writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Conquest Chronicles' writers or editors.

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