USC Football Sanctions: Three Years Down, Seven To Go?

Many of USC Athletic Director Pat Haden's pronouncements on the Orange County Register are troubling to USC football fans as described here by Paragon.

If Pat Haden learned anything during his years at Notre Dame it is that when you are "that bad" your football crazed alumni is more willing fund all those expensive buy-outs and new contracts. The difference is that Jack Swarbrick was able to count on deep-pocketed alumni to fund the necessary changes. The Domers paid dearly for whiffing on Willingham and Weiss, but even during the worst times ND, Stadium was sold out and their non-revenue sports fully funded.

Step on USC's campus and you notice one thing: Construction, very expensive construction. If you call Haden to offer cash for a Kiffin buy-out, our Half-Domer will pleasantly try to redirect you to the Heritage Hall rebuilding fund or perhaps you would like to endow the Sand Volleyball court he's building on Figueroa? Just two weeks ago the city finally approved "The Village at USC," and there goes another billion.

There are so many projects it's hard to keep track, all to be paid for with an endowment that is currently in the $3.5 billion range -similar to puny Dartmouth College.

The Domers are happy sitting on over $6.2 billon, yet they are poor as church mice in comparison to the Furd and their cool $16.5 billion. Both of these football-loving private institutions sit on huge tracts converted farmland and have campuses that are completely built-out. Both schools are independent from the adjacent municipalities of South Bend and Palo Alto.

When Stanford needed a stadium all they needed was to call John Arrillaga and the check was on its way in a couple of months the project was rubber stamped by Santa Clara County. Meanwhile, just to build student housing, USC has had a near 10-year ordeal with our smarmy Bruin Mayor and that Rogue's Gallery of a City Council, and let's not even get started with the Coliseum Commission.

So again we're left facing the stark fact that our Athletic Director has a limited outlook for USC football.

Haden: "I think we have to get through this probationary period. We still have two more years of scholarship limitations. This whole Reggie Bush thing is going to last a decade, by the time we're finished with it. We've got two more years of scholarship limitations, so we've got to kind of work our way through that. Lane has a viable plan to do that."

Recently it seems that Haden has grown to like the sanctions and the built-in excuse they provide. Haden is telling us that their effect will last a decade! This is the fulfillment of Missy Conboy's wettest fantasy, not to mention the rest of the Pac-12, the SEC and the cabal at Indianapolis. They intended to hurt USC for a full 5 years, but USC's administration is hell-bent on giving Missy and friends double the return on their sanctions investment. After all, football is just one of 21 sports at USC and the school has more pressing priorities.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Conquest Chronicles' writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Conquest Chronicles' writers or editors.

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