Does the PAC-12 championship game really help anyone?

As we watch the "Championship" Saturday games being played across the United States, has the PAC-12 Championship game really been positioned correctly?

The first PAC-12 "championship" game pitted Oregon which was ranked behind Stanford nationally against a UCLA team without a head coach. Not surpringly, Oregon beat UCLA last year.

The second PAC-12 "championship" game pitted UCLA against a weaker Stanford when Oregon is ranked number 4 in the nation. It's the reverse of last year. Last year, Stanford was left out of the PAC-12 championship game because they lost to Oregon. This year, it was Oregon left out of the PAC-12 championship game because they lost to Stanford.

Fox TV coverage spent more time in the Los Angeles after show talking about USC than UCLA.

How was that attendance last night? 1/3rd of Stanford stadium was empty with some on this board estimating 25,000 seats empty? That looks really weak to the rest of the nation. PAC-12 calls a "Championship" game and no one fills the stadium?

The Fox Sports coverage was anemic with Erin Andrews not even at the game but in studio in Los Angeles. I saw no sideline reporting (due to the rain?). Therefore, no excitement from the sidelines other than an overhead camera shot from the sky cam.

Fox Sports then broadcasts the awarding of the trophy and introduces Larry Scott. Scott gets booed by the fans on the field.

This all translates nationally. I got up this morning to College Game Day's crew making fun of the situation. Fowler, Herbstreit, and Corso pointed to the fact that Oregon was out of the BCS and that Alabama and Georgia were in. They were sitting in Atlanta. I'd like to point out that the College Game Day crew were not on the PAC-12 championship contract and when they did appear on the West Coast, they spent more time talking SEC than PAC-12.

ESPN College GameDay commentators this morning talked about the fairness and basically said that it was unfair to K-state and Oregon but deal with it.

How about Ohio State guys? How about covering the situation with McNair's case guys? How about covering the fact that Alabama and Georgia played FCS schools (not even BCS conference games) in November while Oregon and Stanford were hammering it out. Even Kansas State was playing Baylor. We presume that the SEC conference contract with ESPN has nothing to do with the editorialization from the Game Day crew on why they vote SEC ahead of PAC-12?

For two years in a row we’ve had PAC-12 championship games which have been weak. Stanford does not get a higher ranking when they play UCLA in the regular season. Does it really move the national rankings when Stanford beats the same team just six days later with home field advantage?

From CBS Sports, the SEC gets two entries into the post-season games starting in 2014. All the other conferences get one. What gives with this formula? SEC should not get two entries to post season $$$ while every one else gets one. SEC teams suck. It's boring football and its just not that fun to watch or hear a bunch of southerns hooting for Alabama and Georgia. I just don't care about those games.

So, what to do about a situation where the "Championship" is ignored by the student body of both campuses?

1. Move the "Championship" to Saturday. The weekend will help attendance. Putting the kick off ticket at such a high price and then not helping with the game timing (sticking kick off in the middle of rush hour) doesn't work for the West Coast. Get a clue New York. We're not on a subway out here. We drive 45 minutes from work and get off work at 5 PM. No one is going to run to the stadium for a game that they half missed. Why take a half day off work on a Friday to sit in the rain for a game that was already played?

2. Get more teams in to the PAC and go to sections of 7 or 8. This would allow the old PAC-8 to reconstitute as a section of the larger PAC. Pick up some Big 12 teams that have the Dallas/Fort Worth market, and maybe even central US like Kansas, Kansas State.Oklahoma, OK state, etc. Forget Texas if they don't want to move their Big Orange. By the way, the Big Orange Network can not even be seen by U Tx students in Austin. BON doesn't have a contract with the Austin cable TV provider. If Tx is that in love with themselves, let them fold BON into PAC Networks. If that doesn't satisfy them, to heck with them, let them become their own nation/state and go their own way. Meanwhile, basketball should pickup K/Kstate, O/OKstate for our own purposes.

3. USC needs to get out from under the scholarship limitations and NCAA needs to reconsider the COI report in light of the McNair v. NCAA findings.

4. USC might need to talk with Notre Dame about considering realignment of the football conferences in general. If the conference realignment stuff gets too ridiculous, USC may want to consider a situation where 8 schools nationally form their own new national conference. Consider Notre Dame, Boston College, USC, Stanford, Texas, Oklahoma, and two teams from the SE (Florida State, Clemson from ACC to pick up the southern viewers). It won't happen with the current round of consolidation, but ten years from now after the current crop of bureaucrats retires and the donors are restless...hmmm...

Interesting... Larry Scott is asking ESPN for permission to change the game to Saturday?

Gee, who's making the decisions here? ESPN or the University Presidents?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Conquest Chronicles' writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Conquest Chronicles' writers or editors.

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