September KSI Index Rankings

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I have completed the KSI Index Rankings for the 40 teams remaining that are undefeated or one loss programs and I think you will be surprised at the accuracy of this ranking tool, as well as a bit surprised to see a college football poll that is based on actual results on the field in 2012 versus historical relevance and branding identity.

I still have a few statistical categories to evaluate in terms of special teams, penalties and non-offensive touchdowns (punt returns, kick off returns and fumbles or interceptions returned for touchdowns), but I don't think it will drastically affect the balance of the overall poll, especially for the Top-10 programs.

Here is what we evaluated for the KSI Index Rankings.

There are five categories that make up the KSI Index Rankings:

1. Power Indexes & Strength of Schedule

- Nolan's NPI

- Nolan's SOS

- Opponent Winning Percentage (Cumulative).

- Points from an undefeated season (if a team is undefeated it would remain at zero).

2. Offensive Stats:

- Rushing Offense

- Passing Offense

- Rushing / Passing Percentage (looking at the 55/45% ratio of run to pass) there balance to an offense?

- Scoring Offense

- QB-Efficiency Rating

- Fumbles lost / Interceptions thrown

- Offensive sacks

- 3 Down Offense

- Redzone Offense

3. Defensive Stats

- Rushing Defense

- Passing Efficiency Defense

- Scoring Defense

- Turnover Margin

- Passing Defense

- Defensive Sacks

- Tackles for Loss

- 3 Down Defense

- Redzone Defense

- Total Opponent Touchdowns

- Fumble Recoveries (total)

- Interceptions (total)

- TD/INT Ratio Defense

- TD/Fumble Recovery Ratio Defense

4. Penalties

- Number of Penalties

- Penalty Yds

5. Special Teams / Non-Offensive TD's

- Punt Return TD's

- Kickoff Return TD's

- PAT %

- FG%

- Punt Block/PAT Blocks (total number)

- Interceptions/Fumbles recovered for TD's.

Like I said, I still have the special teams, penalty yards and non-offensive scores to run, but thus far, in terms of looking at the current schedule strength based on real results in 2012, offensive and defensive production, here is the Top-25.

I think you will be surprised and look at teams in a new light.

1. Alabama - 193 points

2. Florida State - 218 points

3. Texas Tech - 230 points

4. Texas A&M - 273 points

5. Oregon - 278 points

6. Texas - 278 points

7. South Carolina - 287 points

8. Arizona State - 298 points

9. Kansas State - 299 points

10. TCU - 306 points

11. West Virginia - 307 points

12. Notre Dame - 311 points

13. Florida - 314 points

14. Georgia - 315 points

15. Cincinnati - 338 points

16. Stanford - 346 points

17. Nebraska - 348 points

18. Oregon State - 348 points

19. UCLA - 355 points

20. Mississippi State - 356 points

21. Clemson - 359 points

22. Rutgers - 366 points

23. SJSU - 367 points

24. Ohio - 378 points

25. Ohio State - 380 points.

This is not how I would rank the teams, but is a tool is use to create my rankings. If only the real pollsters would actually spend this amount of time in putting together their weekly rankings and not relying on sports center highlights for games they do not witness in person or on TV.

Interested in your thoughts on the accuracy of this poll. I should have the final results on Wednesday evening.


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