Lane----Lane why are you Soooooo Predictable

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Watching the play that changed the first half where Burfict intercepted the pass, well they knew what was coming. Burfict's job on that USC passing formation was to shadow the QB, since it was an empty backfield. So if you notice the LB hides out behind the lineman and watches Matt (Matt should have thrown that pass a sec. or two earlier) waits then when Matt throws the ball he jumps up and take off.  Obviously ASU practiced this formation during the week and good old Crafty Lane Obliged the ASU defense.  

Actually the USC defense played very good in the first half just missed on 3 backfield interceptions and got messed up on having to come in so suddenly after Burficts play. It has gotten to the point that teams know that Lane is pass happy and has no idea of how to use the talent at RB. Just going back to the the last two Red zone situations, Uh maybe use that #28 guy in a wildcat on the 1st or 2nd play.


After halftime Shelly Smith said that Erickson said that he expected USC to establish the Run but would be ready for Lane to throw more than run, and of course Lane did. What gets me the announcers (which clearly wanted an ASU win) said that 5 FIVE ASU starters are out on defense, WTF Lane again. Watching the Barkley to Lee TD great throw and super catch, Lee will be even better than Woods in the long run. I noticed that Dillion got into the game, but on the sweep blocking broke down as usual. You know they should have Redshirted Dillion for he is really not a RB, he is an option---wildcat QB. Getting back to the First half there were two plays that could of been TD, but ended up a FG and interception.  On the Robey return if he stops and goes again the grain (ala Reggie Bush) he scores and if Woods does the same thing at the end of the half also. 

Wow fake end around after Tylers big gainer (he shouldn't have cut back he could have easily ran through defender since he was off balance) well if Matt happens to turn to his left Lee was wide open and with his speed lots of real estate. Okay so we score on this drive and end up going for TWO WWWHHHYYY, oh thats right to give back a little momentum to ASU hey Lane even tries to run over Burfick. So then ASU goes down right away and scores on 8 plays, thanks coach Smooth move Exlax. Looking at Tylers fumble the defender was beat and he was trying to get a last grasp at tripping him up, not going for a strip like the ASSHAT announcers said. Where do they get these announcers anyway, like do they all go to Hate USC Prep. 

Watching Woods catch a ball for a first down in the middle under the zone I noticed that Burfick came over and tackled Woods and he leads with his helmet, what no penalty.  On Barkleys fumble----bad blocking and really had no chance since he got hit from the Blindside, the friendly ESPN group blamed Barkleys read WRONG again Asshats. On TJs late hit it WASN"T it is called Momentum of play as was the next one when Osweiler (this guy will never play on sundays) dove to the truf, ah yes the Pac-12 refs at there best in this game.  On the pass interference on the 2 point conversation even if the defender just doesn't do anything the guy catches the ball out of bounds, thanks Pac--Refs. Now on Barkleys 2nd interception that was a Bonehead play, but he was trying a little to hard to make a play. You can argue that the game was over at that point but there was over 6 mins left and USC had the ball on the 40, so why go directly to a pass it's not like we weren't running the ball well. 

All in all I would have to say that the HC and the team shot themselves in the foot, but ASU didn't really do that and stayed within themselves to pull off there victory. Hopefully the Coaching Staff will figure out how to use there players in a tough road game, because right now it seems they have no Clue and Lane doesn't look much better than the Weasel. 

Oh and by the way  was wearing my USC gear Monday and in line at Target in my wheelchair and a bRuin was behind us and he started in on USC. I was polite didn't say anything but congrats on OSU win, but he still keep talking he lucky I am in the chair. 

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Conquest Chronicles' writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Conquest Chronicles' writers or editors.

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