BlogPoll Ballot: Regular season Week #4 DRAFT

There were some great games this past weekend!

Not a lot of change with some of regulars but the picture is becoming a little more clear.

Here is this weeks ballot.

Remember I need proposed changes by Monday night!

Onto the particulars.

I have had LSU at #1 since their win over Oregon. Some have thought they shouldn't be there...after last nights win over WVU I see no reason why they shouldn't be #1. Les Miles has this team ready to play and they have performed pretty good for the most part.

Oklahoma sleep-walked through a good portion of their game with Mizzou. They still have some issues on defense...still too early to tell where Stoops has this team.

Alabama will be LSU's biggest test. Hard to know where that one finishes. I saw most of the Alabama/Arkansas game. The only thing that stands out is that Alabama still isn't solid at QB. Saban needs to get that fixed as they meat of their schedule kicks in.

Boise...not much to say. They control their own destiny with a weak schedule. I am more interested in how Moore performs throughout the season

Stanford, Bye week

Wisconsin had a ho-hum blowout of South Dakota at home. Not a real great indicator of where they are at but Russell Wilson continues to shine.

Okie St. and Texas A&M had to be one of the more interesting games to watch. The Cowboys are for real. The Aggies...well, they certainly struggled and let Ok. St. back in it with turnovers (sounds familiar). Maybe aTm isn't all that we thought they were.

Nebraska has a Ho-hum win against Wyoming

Oregon seems to have found its MoJo, But then Arizona has a lot of issues too. LMJ had a record day!

Clemson showed us that FSU still has a bit of a way to go. Hard not to be impressed with Sammy Watkins, He is a great player to watch.

South Carolina beat Vandy....'nuff said.

Florida had a scrimmage against Kentucky.

In no particular order...South Florida, TCU, Va Tech, Mich. St. all had wins but nothing earth shattering.

Baylor had a nice win against Rice with Griffin having a Barkley/Syracuse type performance. Griffin is really fun to watch. He had something like 170 yards in the first qtr. alone.

Utah Bye week...I know they are in and USC is out even with USC beating them. that will fix itself. I don't move team out of the poll on a Bye Week.

New to the ballot this week... Ga Tech, Michigan, Illinois

USC out, FSU out, Miami out.

What or who did I miss? Who is too high or too low?

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