ASU vs USC GameDay Links

LOS ANGELES - SEPTEMBER 17: Wide receiver Marqise Lee #9 of the USC Trojans celebrates his 43 yarde third quarter touchdown catch with tight end Randall Telfer#82 against the Syracuse Orangemen at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum on September 17, 2011 in Los Angeles, California. USC won 38-17. (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

With the game on late tonight here on the east coast I am going to be out for family day for most of the day today.

I will have a pregame thread up around noon EDT to discuss or comment on the days early games.

But for now here are some links...

While there is always a bit of chipiness in many USC games within the conference, playing ASU always seems to bring out some of the worst. I expect tonight's game to be a little more chippy than previous games. 1) It's a home game for ASU and they always get up for USC. 2) ASU actually has a very good team this year even with their injury issues. The can move the ball and still have a nasty defense. 3) it has been 11in a row for USC, sooner or later the streak ends and ASU is looking to do it tonight to finally have some bragging rights...while getting ina few shots of their own.

Over the past few years USC has pulled some pretty solid players out of the state Arizona. Kris O'Dowd and Everson Griffen to name two...Devon Kennard is another. Kennard is heading home looking to make an impression to the home fans.

Marc Tyler has proven just valuable he is to this offense since coming back from suspension. His suspension, as we know, made all sorts of waves. In the comfortable confines of home there wouldn't be too many comments on the ASU however, it will be a completely different matter, as the nutty crowds in Tempe will take their shots.

We have discussed Vontaze Burfict numerous times this past week. Being from the L.A. area Burfict knows many of the players on USC from his high school days. It won't necessarily be a warm welcome as there is sure to be a lot of trash talking. From the USC perspective it is no secret what the game plan is. From the Arizona perspective, they are finally taking notice, How will it all shake out?

I wanted to devote a separate post for this but time was tight yesterday. The coaching staff thinks that Marqise Lee is a little more a head of the curve from where Robert Woods was last year. I am not sure about that yet. Tonight will go a long way to showing us that with Lee's first game on the road. How he performs in front of the nuts in Tempe will go a long way to showing us his mettle. There is no question he has similar talent but now he has to do it on the road...can't wait!

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Here are some game previews...

From Gridiron Goddess

From the L.A. Times


From the National Football Authority

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Here is look back at last weeks romp against Syracuse...


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