BlogPoll Ballot - Regular Season Week #3

Lots of movement in this weeks ballot as we start to see some things shake out. There is still some baby seal clubbing going on on some of the schedules so quality wins are still not in abundance as teams start to hit full steam of conference play.

Here is this weeks ballot...

On to the particulars...

LSU stays at the top, two quality wins away from Baton Rouge make LSU's resume pretty stout so far.

Oklahoma's win in Tallahassee was impressive but not enough to overtake LSU at the top spot.

Alabama - Baby Seal clubbing...

Stanford, Wisconsin and Boise State all had pretty good wins this week.

I am not yet sure about Nebraska. Don't let the score fool you into this being a dominant win. Nebraska had a couple of gift calls from some sloppy Big 10 officiating. UW didn't help matters by fumbling a kick at their own 1-yard line that SHOULD HAVE and did lead to a's not like Nebraska broke a sweat on that drive. UW has some talent, I think we really see them make a move next year, if not......

I dropped Texas A&M because the weight of their wins is diminishing a bit. Yes, they beat Idaho but it started out sloppy and it was at home. Their bye week hurts them as well.

Okie St. was a late start but they dispatched Tulsa with ease.

Oregon played with what amounts to a high school football team, but from what I read it looks like they firing on all cylinders...starting work out the kinks. Darron Thomas pretty much sat the whole 2nd half and DeAnthony Thomas is proving to be the human highlight real that we knew he would be...just in the wrong uniform.

I was impressed that Navy went into South Carolina and made it a game, but some stout defense by the 'cocks and some uncharacteristic mistakes by Navy gave South Carolina the win. I really thought that Navy would win. I am still not convinced That south Carolina is all that, but Clowney is a BEAST!

Arkansas had a ho-hum win against Troy but I sure liked Joe Adams TD catch and run. Just imagine what Adams would have done at 'SC!

I moved USC up because things are starting to click. The O-Line still has issues as does the secondary but USC has all the weapons it needs, things just need some tightening up, more on USC's win later today.

I am liking WVU, winning at Byrd Stadium isn't always easy.

On the flip side I am not yet sold on Va. Tech. they haven't yet been tested so I am really not sure what they have under the hood.

Florida beating Tennessee, at home, isn't all that impressive as the Vols still have a lot of issues to address.

I was impressed with Clemson, though some would say that Auburn finally got exposed for the team they are. Either way it was a nice win for Clemson so they earn a spot in the ballot this week.

Florida State has a little more work to do than I thought. They showed some flashes last night but they need one more year...

Texas looked like world beaters...but then they played against UCLA. I can't give them too much credit there. I have no idea what Slick Rick was thinking in starting Prince. He should have pulled him after the 2nd INT. I am really surprised that he didn't play Hundley. I still laugh at the comments of Rick Kimbrell when UCLA got Brehaut's commitment, saying that they thought they got a better QB than what USC got in Matt Barkley.......right.

I liked what Miami did last night. Sure there were some questionable plays by Jacory Harris but they exposed Ohio State whose previous two wins were against the Little Sisters of the Poor...tOSU exits my ballot this week.

Utah replaces Arizona St. in this weeks ballot because of their impressive win against BYU.They took their frustrations of their loss to USC out on BYU...BYU did a lot to help with 5 turnovers.

Sparty isn't as good as many thought they were.

Other departures...Miss. St., Auburn.

Where am I wrong?

I need any changes that you think that should be done No Later Than MONDAY EVENING!

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