Andy Staples thinks tOSU already got hammered....right

I like Andy Staples.

He does some pretty good writing...I met him once, but I doubt he remembers the encounter in NYC last summer.

That being said he confuses me here.

He wrote this back in May.

The IAC and the Committee on Infractions, which originally levied the penalties 11 months ago, have backed the NCAA into a corner now. By finally detonating the bomb they dropped on USC's program, they have sent a message that comparable future cases will be handled similarly. If the committees -- with membership that changes annually -- do apply the precedent they set with USC, they might just send a message to schools that cheating truly won't be tolerated. If they don't, then the NCAA will be guilty of exactly what Cartman's line implies: that the governing body of college sports, a many-headed hydra run by hundreds of schools with differing interests, is simply making everything up as it goes along.

He was right on the latter...

The NCAA is corrupt and incapable of governing college sports. Just look at this past weekends Texas A&M to the SEC debacle. The NCAA is incapable to stop the change that is coming.

Staples then wrote this over the weekend...

Judging by the brevity of the meeting -- USC's hearing took three days; Ohio State's took about four hours -- that strategy worked. Though a July 13 letter from the NCAA's enforcement staff to the Committee on Infractions reveals that the NCAA will keep digging at additional allegations of impropriety, Ohio State may have dodged serious sanctions from the violations that stuck the first time around.

Because of that, everyone outside Columbus will say the Buckeyes got off light. They'll say the NCAA allowed Ohio State to skate because it is a favored program.

That simply isn't correct.

Even if the COI doesn't strip the Buckeyes of a single scholarship, Ohio State got hammered. How? Because this scandal forced Ohio State to jettison Jim Tressel.


Without the loss of schollies or a post season ban tOSU may hit a minor bump in the road, but that is nothing like the IED that USC experienced.

We lost Pete Carroll right before the sanctions were announced...and his departure may have cost us some recruits. So, yes, losing a popular coach does have an immediate effect. Even with Lane Kiffin coming in we probably still lost out on a few guys.

You are free to state your opinions as to why PC left, but the his departure definitely hurt.

Then the "bomb was detonated".

In the short term, USC like tOSU will not miss a beat on the recruiting trail. These programs do sell themselves.

But USC's recent gains will be short lived as the chess match begins with the loss of those 30 scholarships.

USC has to be that much more picky. They can't miss....depth will become an issue.

tOSU, on the other hand, won't miss a beat. If things stay as they are tOSU won't have the same concerns that USC is facing.

Even with Tressel gone, tOSU doesn't have to be as choosy with their recruits as USC has to be. tOSU can still sell the post season experience because it would appear that the Buckeyes won't get a post season ban. And if tOSU's interim coach fails, Ohio State is a plum enough job with some minor sanctions...imagine what it will look like without ANY major sanctions.

Like I said, I like Andy Staples work...but he is really missing it on this. tOSU will get off easy, a lot easier than just loosing a successful, corrupt coach.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Conquest Chronicles' writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Conquest Chronicles' writers or editors.

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