USC vs UCLA game from the Student Section: Senior Game Edition!

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Today, the student section was amazing. While the game itself was nowhere near as exciting or heavily competitive as the Stanford game, which I wrote my last post about, the crowd was electrifying in a much different way today. The student section was completely filled and everyone, at least around me, was completely into the game. Whether it is the fact that it is the last game of the season, the game game of the sanctions' era, possibly Matt Barkley and the other seniors' last game, a game against UCLA, or whatever... the fans were there!

When Barkley threw that first touchdown to Marqise Lee in less than two minutes after the game started, the crowd exploded into cheers AND that didn't stop, EVEN as the team's lead rapidly increased. In fact, I think people were even more excited when the final touchdown landed in Robert Woods' hands. It finally happened! The Trojans posted a perfect, AMAZING, win.

With no interceptions, Barkley threw 35 for 42 completions for 423 yards, averaging 10.1 yard a pass attempt, for 6 touchdowns. Barkley executed RIDICULOUSLY well today and he definitely made a strong Heisman/NFL draft statement. Whether he comes back next year or not, I am definitely grateful for all the great games and amazing drives I've witnessed from Barkley over the last 3 years. Starting as a true freshman QB, many people doubted him, but he has surely proven himself 3 years later, finishing the season with 3528 yards 69.1% completions 39 touchdowns and only 7 interceptions and also only 8 sacks , breaking Matt Leinart's/PAC-12 single season passing TD record.

Well, that is a little off topic, back to the Student section today. It was simply amazing. The student section was energetic, lively, and friendly. Sitting 5 rows from the front, behind the Trojan Knights, I was completely surrounded by pure energy and excitement all game long. Even during halftime, most of the students remained to watch the 1st halftime card trick in 15 years! While it started off messy and unorganized, a very well times "We Run LA" appeared as the UCLA marching band played poorly, just as poorly as their football team did today, on the field. The excitement during the game carried on well after the game ended. I, myself, stayed around till after the band left and march alongside the band back to campus. The student section remained HEAVILY populated for a better part of an hour after the game. All throughout the game, chants of "WE WANT TUSKS!" could be heard and that desire would not be appeased until well after the game, after each senior conducted the band to "Conquest." Most student didn't even leave until AFTER their "Tusks" craving was filled.

As someone who is a Super Senior (9th semester) at USC, I am glad to finish my USC career(this is my last semester) with this game. All that is left for me now is to attend a last week of classes, show up to finals and wait for my diploma in the mail. The USC Football team certainly sent myself, and all the other seniors, off in the best possible way. Sanctions or not the USC Trojans' are the REAL PAC-12 South Champions and I can't wait for the next College Football season, since so many of our EXTREMELY talented players are only Freshmen and Sophomores(i.e., Robert Woods, Marqise Lee, Hayes Pullard, Dion Bailey, Randall Telfer, Xavier Grimble, etc...)

All in all, this season has been one of MY most exciting and intense season in the student section. While this is only my second post on Conquest Chronicles from the Student Section, this is also my last, I have definitely loved my experience as a fan in the USC student section! I was even able to cap off such a perfect win by ringing the victory bell by Tommy Trojan afterward! So, thank you USC football team, USC Marching Band, and fellow USC football fans, I look forward to seeing you all again next year! (As an Alum!)

Fight On!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Conquest Chronicles' writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Conquest Chronicles' writers or editors.

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