Moretonfig vs. Cafe 84?

Well, you ladies and gents who live on campus or near it probably don't realize what a difference in campus lifestyle you have versus my day. Now, I don't go all the way back to when Trousdale actually had a street and George the dog was biting tires. But, I do go a way back... back to that day when you would eat hand-wrap burritos in the basement of the Student Union with neon lights around you. Or what about the USC computer lab between Fluor and Webb? It was a big deal with Carl Karcher opened that Carl's Jr too. Does that date me?

That Carl's Jr. now pales in comparison to the Moretonfig restaurant.

Do you realize what these kids are eating now?

My wife just booked us a reservation at the place prior to the Bruin-playoff game this Saturday. And, she asked me to review the menu. The restaurant is where the old Topping Student Center was located. Just prior to when the TSC was torn down, we happened to be on campus and it was one of the last days that the building was open. We went up to the second floor and looked down into the adjacent Science building. There were a bunch of kids in there for a night class. It was hard to believe that over 20 years ago, I was one of those students.

But, now, I'm looking at this menu from Moretonfig.


For a regular dinner time meal, they'll serve you Cedar Plank Grilled Wild Salmon or Grilled 12 oz. Angus NY Steak.

Look at that page 1

Back in my day, I was spending my time looking for a hand wrap burrito and Cherry Coke under the union building or having to run back to Cafe 84 for a lousy slice of pizza. These new guys are getting 12 oz. Angus NY steak with shallot confit and bloomsdale spinach? Am I the only alumnus jealous of what these new students get?

This is not your daddy's dorm food is it?

Students at USC now, I'm talking to you, you have no fricking idea how hard it was to find decent food back in that time. Some guys would go to Yoshinoya Beef Bowl down Fig at night for a snack. We would drive across town to Tommy's for a burger. Now, you guys get Pinot Noir or Chardonnay with your Seared Wild Rock Shrimp?

So, I looked across town at those guys over at UCLA. While USC is serving up moretonfig's, the UCLA page ( shows Stan's Corner Donut Shoppe?

Actually the Bruins have a nice collection of mass marketed food... BJ's, Olive Garden...

Have you ever noticed the web page for UCLA restaurants? They have a rather unfortunate URL of "ASUCLA"? A-SUCk-LA? Who the heck picked that URL name? Really you guys in Westwood need to alter your domain name, or is your netadmin from USC? LOL.

No offense... because the menu at moretonfig's is uniquely picked for the Bruin game...and it's very tasteful...unlike my last comment.

Fight on!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Conquest Chronicles' writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Conquest Chronicles' writers or editors.

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