NCAA's Emmert still can't figure out the role of Infractions Committee

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Former Penn State President Graham Spanier discusses "enforcement and punishment" "when there is rule breaking."

In this video NCAA President Emmert introduces "Julie" the Enforcer. Emmert himself states that "one of the prominent roles of the NCAA" is to insure "that everyone is following the rules and that everyone has a fair chance to compete".

Meanwhile, NCAA posts the following message in May 2011:

The message clearly shows NCAA "training" journalists on the "Enforcement Experience". One wonders how much the journalists paid to be at the "Enforcement Experience". While I do not question NCAA's interest in informing the media, I do wonder about the journalist's objectivity in light of the 20 year cover-up in Pennsylvania. It was the journalists themselves who permitted the cover up to continue. Somehow, as Ohio State was being fined for Tattoos, Penn State was under direct criminal investigation and according to NCAA's Emmert, the NCAA had no idea about these investigations.

Emmert Letter to Penn State

In this letter posted at the Penn State website, Emmert claims that "on November 5, 2011, the NCAA first learned about allegations of sexual abuse of young boys occuring in the athletic facilities of Pennsylvania State."

Mr. Emmert's letter is not only weak, but it is frankly implausible. How in the world can the NCAA purport to hold a media training program on the "Enforcement Experience" while an 18 month investigation into criminal violations of law with members of the Penn State Football coaching staff was under way? Did Mr. Spanier just choose to show up at the NCAA meeting and ignore notification of the NCAA of these issues? Mr. Spanier IS the CHAIRMAN of the committee on student-athlete well-being! Does NCAA have no rules regarding notification of the NCAA when a Grand Jury convenes to do an 18 month investigation of a member institution while that university president is the Chairman of a committee in the NCAA?

NCAA has an obligation to investigate when the NCAA receives an allegation of impropriety in illegal tattoos voluntarily given to a student athlete by a "donor" but when a government agency is convened to investigate criminal misconduct involving assault on multiple minors caused by a member institution's coaching staff, then the NCAA is supposed to await conclusion of the investigation? Well, the Grand Jury already concluded Mr. Emmert. The prosecution is already starting its case and the NCAA Committee on Infractions is still NO WHERE TO BE FOUND!!!

Are you serious??? How can the NCAA post these videos on Youtube while this charade continues at tax payer expense???

You seriously want me to believe that USC should be sanctioned for TEN YEARS of fines, penalties, and impairment in Div 1 college football for "allegations" of impropriety while the NCAA has NO infractions procedure underway AFTER a Grand Jury in Pennsylvania has already CONCLUDED its investigation of child sexual abuse?

When asked this morning on CNBC about the possibility of NCAA action on Penn State prior to the BCS match ups, Emmert stated that the NCAA does not run the Bowl Games or the BCS. That may be correct, but NCAA does condone Penn State receiving more millions if the Penn State team appears in a bowl game. Meanwhile, USC is banned and barred from that exact function for an allegation of an ill-gotten gain by a student-athlete. While I am not interested in seeing the student athletes at Penn State harmed by this scandal, the reality is that the NCAA itself is scandalous in its illegal, anti-trust behavior which was already subject of federal court litigation in Tarkanian vs. NCAA and the Regents of the University of Oklahoma vs. NCAA. Over the past 40 years, various parties have raised very specific legal and Constitutional concerns about the lack of due process in the NCAA.

The lack of due process in the NCAA sets up an arbitrary and capricious investigation process which damages innocent student athletes, harms the reputation of the supporters of collegiate athletics, and then reaps huge monetary sums from media organizations like CBS/VIACOM, ABC/ESPN or Fox Sports Network upon conferences and the NCAA.

While Mr. Emmert claims to be interested in the Student Athlete, the reality can only be seen as quite the contrary. NCAA has shown itself to be interested only in the TV deals which generate money for the NCAA staff and in the political support required for federal appropriations to continue. Meanwhile, the student athletes continue to pay with their bodies and then are banned from scholarships at our school for "allegations" while at Penn State the students continue to be bowl eligible and have full access to scholarships.

The hypocrisy doesn't stop there.

NCAA posts this video exerpt of Penn State's President arguing in favor of paying student athletes. Spanier is the chairman of the "student athlete well-being working group". How ironic. USC is currently saddled with NCAA impairing USC's ability to off set academic expenses through scholarships. Meanwhile, Penn State was arguing that student athletes should be paid period! Yet, USC is not eligible for a bowl (with clear financial penalties) and Penn State is eligible despite being clearly in favor of paying athletes directly.

The hypocrisy is so dark and misguided at this point that the NCAA itself must be subject to a Congressional hearing regarding the BCS system and NCAA oversight. Significant changes to the federal Educational Code is required in order to protect collegiate and amateur sporting.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Conquest Chronicles' writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Conquest Chronicles' writers or editors.

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