Posey suspended an additional five games...Gene Smith thinks that's harsh

The NCAA determined that DeVier Posey was a little more culpable than his team mates in their being paid for a "no-show" job.

I say "no-show" because I have a hard team believing that he showed up to do any work...regardless of what now disassociated booster Bobby DiGeronimo says.

Here is the press release from Ohio State...

Ohio State University football student-athlete DeVier Posey must sit five games and repay benefits after receiving approximately $720 from a booster for work not performed, according to a decision today by the NCAA student-athlete reinstatement staff. Posey also accepted approximately $100 in golf fees from another individual, which is a preferential treatment violation.

Three additional Ohio State football student-athletes - Marcus Hall, Melvin Fellows and Dan Herron - will miss one game and must repay benefits after receiving pay for work not performed from the booster. Herron and Fellows both accepted approximately $290 in excess pay while Hall received $230 in overpayment. In its decision, the staff noted the overpayment occurred over an extended period of time.

I could pile on here and say tough luck, but does it concern anyone that Posey received 5 games while some of the things that came out in the Miami allegations were just as bad if not worse and that some of those players only received one or two games suspension?

Again the NCAA is arbitrary in their rulings.

I won't agree with some that have said that the NCAA hammered Posey out of frustration for not getting a shot at Terrelle Pryor. Posey is hardly an angel here...more like a repeat offender. He put himself in a bad spot while already being suspended for tat-gate.

Once again, no one should be surprised at the NCAA. This is a typical response from them.

But even with all that, the one thing that really gets me is OSU AD Gene Smith acting outraged.

"I am extremely disappointed with the NCAA's decision regarding DeVier Posey," Ohio State athletics director Gene Smith said. "This penalty is harsh considering the nature of the violation and the five-game suspension already served by this student-athlete."

He is kidding right?

Smith should be more worried about the NCAA changing course and dropping an LOIC charge on his program.

We all get it, you have to stand by your guy but Posey is essentially done at tOSU...and he did it all by himself, he didn't have a gun to his head.

With each passing day, Smith sounds more and more like Mike Garrett.

Smith should have cut himself loose from Posey and played it with a little more contrition.

Smith doesn't know what harsh is...but he very well could sooner than he thinks. If the NCAA gets tired of being embarrassed by one of their own, they may make an example out of Smith for some real violations. Violations that happened on his watch, under the supposed watchful eye of the sports largest compliance department.

I feel bad for some Ohio St. fans...the ones who understand just how bad this is. Ones who think they are not being well served by their leadership. Ones who are intellectually honest with this situation.

But not the ones who think all is well...that there isn't a systemic problem.

Things could get real interesting.

Buckle up ain't seen nothing yet.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Conquest Chronicles' writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Conquest Chronicles' writers or editors.

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