BlogPoll Ballot: Regular Season Week #5 DRAFT

More movement again this week outside of the top teams...

Here is this weeks Ballot:

Onto the Particulars...

LSU did some baby seal clubbing in win over Kentucky. This game didn't move the needle for me but they still won.

Alabama moved into the #2 spot on the ballot with a very impressive win over Florida in the Swamp. AJ McCarron is coming into his own, Trent Richardson is a well known commodity and the Alabama Defense just wears you down. I have to admit the only real game that matters coming up will be LSU vs. Alabama on Nov. 5th.

Oklahoma won one over Ball St....but come on, I mean its Ball St.

Boise St....well its Boise. They got their revenge on Nevada. So, unless they implode somewhere along the way its hard to move them too much....but, see below

I am tempted to move Wiscy up to number four with their impressive win over Nebraska, but that win was at home and Nebraska is a little more one dimensional on offense than I thought...but it was a hell of a win. Russell Wilson is on par to be as important as Ron Dayne was.

Stanford had their way with UCLA...

Okie St. - Bye Week

Clemson makes a big move this week with their win over Va. Tech. on the road in Blacksburg. Clemson is playing some inspired football.

Oregon - Bye Week

I am taking a chance on Michigan at #10 but they have been fun to watch. I mean, I know they beat the snot out of Minnesota but D-Rob makes the game fun to watch.

Illinois won a wild one against Northwestern to move into #11. The Zooker has his team at 5-0 for the first time in a while. We'll see if they can keep it going.

I couldn't bring myself to hammer Nebraska too hard. They were exposed a bit but it was on the will be interesting to see how Nebraska does going forward.

Texas clubbed Iowa St. nothing really stands out there.

I was impressed with Arkansas' comeback win over Texas A&M. The Hogs showed some grit. It was great to Broderic Green back on the field after his ACL injury earlier this season. Joe Adams was out for the second half and they missed him. I'm no Petrino fan but his team dug down deep to pull out the win.

South Carolina falls to Auburn and they are jumping off the Garcia bandwagon. Not sure how the season will end up for Spurrier.

Georgia Tech is 5-0 but they beat a bad NC State team.

I am not sure what to make of Florida but they proved to be human against Alabama. Brantley goes down with an unspecified injury and Alabama neutralizes Demps and Rainey. Once that happened Chalie Weis' offense became impotent.

South Florida was embarrassed by Pitt. They should probably be lower in my poll.

K-State is turning some heads. It will be interesting to see how they play going forward but that was a nice win against Baylor and the always exciting RG3.

West Virginia clubs Bowling Green

Va. Tech...See above. But was Va. Tech. ranked to high to begin with? Beamer always seems to lose a tough game along the way.

Mich. St. beats a wayward tOSU...not really saying much.

Baylor...see above.

ASU had a bit of a scare against the Beavers but pulled it out. Letdown after their big win against USC.

And I putting USC back in the poll...The defense horrible yesterday but the offense continues to shine. No better or worse than some of the other teams in the poll.

Where am I wrong?

Monday night is the deadline for changes.

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