BlogPoll Ballot: Regular Season Week 7

Pretty interesting slate of games this week.

It is pretty Vanilla at the top of the poll...

Particulars after the jump...

LSU - Not much of a game against Tennessee. LSU started off a little slow but got things going in the second qtr.

Alabama - This was a rout of bad Ole Miss team. Trent Richardson had another solid game. Just marking time before the top two teams slug it out i November.

Oklahoma - Not much of a contest against Kansas...another team marking time before their showdown with their instate Rivals.

Wisconsin - You know they are firing on all cylinders when the QB catches a TD pass.

Boise St. - Kellen Moore is padding his stats right now. They only way BSU doesn't go undefeated is if they get bored and beat themselves.

Oklahoma St. - Texas is now 0 for Oklahoma. It looked like the 'pokes were toying with UT at times in this one.

Stanford - Hard to argue with Andrew Luck leading for the Heisman. Even with one INT, his third this season, he was hitting everyone. WSU is improved but not by much...

Clemson - This was a wild one against Maryland. Clemson was down 28-17 at the half and then turned it on in the second half. Sammy Watkins only had one carry for 33 yards but he had 108 receiving yards. This kid is fun to watch.

Oregon - Darron Thomas goes out with a tweaked knee and Bennett comes in and doesn't miss a beat. The defense adjusts in the second half and ASU gets left in the dust. Anyone else think that ASU lost interest in the 3rd qtr.? It sure looked like they lost a lot of steam.

Arkansas - Bye Week

Nebraska - Bye Week

Kansas St. - They just keep rolling along. They had some work to do against Texas Tech but they came back for the win.

South Carolina - Lots to swallow for the Gamecocks this week. They dismiss Stephen Garcia...then they lose Lattimore for the season with an ACL injury. They barely pull out the win against MSU...I think the bottom drops out in the coming weeks.

West Virginia - Bye Week

Georgia Tech. - I guess you could say that UVA beat Ga. Tech. at their own game rolling up 270 yards in rushing. Paul Johnson has some work to do on defense.

Michigan St. - They own Michigan right now. Hard to argue that they wanted this one bad. They don't want Michigan owning the state so I am sure they took pleasure in beating their instate rival. Sparty looked good...lets see how the follow this big win up.

Illinois - I am stunned at this loss to tOSU. I mean its not like the Buckeyes are the in thing right now. These guys looked like they weren't even prepared. Zook is going to have to completely reprogram them for their next game. That was an ugly performance.

Michigan - I don't know if Dennard Robinson was ineffective or his own worst enemy but Sparty shut Michigan down in their first loss of the season.

Va. Tech. - Nothing really special in this win over Wake. Yes, the Hokies were down 10 but I chalk that up to disinterest.

Arizona St. - See Oregon above...but even with this lack luster performance ASU is still in the drivers seat in the Pac-12 South.

Houston - Bye Week

USC - The should be in the poll this week. Barkley and Woods may have had an off game but the defense looked better. I would like to see a more balance game though...Up next is ND. This will be a tough road game for USC.

Washington - They enter this weeks poll after a nice win over Colorado. They play Stanford next so they being in the poll may be short lived.

Baylor - RGIII still had a career day against aTm but the Aggies came to play...

Auburn - I am still not sure about this team but they keep finding ways to win, even with a depleted defense. It was a nice win over UF so I am going to give them the nod.

Let me know your thoughts....

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