News and Notes for 8/10-11

Busy day today so I will make it brief...

Looks like one of Kiffin's former players at UT is looking to play at USC...

Former Tennessee offensive lineman Aaron Douglas contacted USC about enrolling in January and joining the football team next season, according to sources.

Douglas (6-foot-6, 287 pounds) is currently attending Arizona Western College in Yuma, Ariz. He was considered Tennessee's best lineman last season and played right tackle. He also earned freshman All-America honors.

But he transferred in March because he was not happy. By attending a junior college, Douglas is free to transfer without obtaining a release from Tennessee. The Volunteers will not release players to USC because of lingering bitterness following the departure of coach Lane Kiffin.

The kid will be a big addition if he can get in to USC...

- - -

Lane Kiffin discussed how he would approach training camp with a depleted roster. Here is a little more on that...

The days of agonizingly long, full-pad double-day workouts are apparently over.

The limited number of players — 15 under the allowable maximum — and the risk of injuries that could deplete it further convinced CoachLane Kiffin to change the format of two-a-day practices during training camp.

Instead of two full-contact workouts, the Trojans on Tuesday went through a two-hour morning practice without pads and then returned eight hours later for a full-pads practice.

It was the first of four double-days that are scheduled for the next two weeks.

"It just wouldn't be smart to do it the other way," Kiffin said. "It may make you feel better because we think we're getting tougher but we've got to have enough bodies to play."

Best to be prudent right now and let the team bed in with the circumstances as they are...

- - -

Freshman Robert Woods is turning some heads...


Coach Lane Kiffin likes what he’s seen from Woods off the field as well.

"He’s been really pleasant to be around," Kiffin said. "Every time you go in the dining hall or there’s a break, you see him with his playbook out. He’s always studying. That’s really good to see.

"I compared him to Steve Smith on the field the other day. But off the field he’s like Keary Colbert by the way he’s preparing. He very rarely makes a mistake."

We have some great players in the 2010 class!

- - -

Here is little more on Shareece Wright's quest for redemption...

- - -

Here is a little more on our incoming freshmen...

Receivers Robert Woods and Markeith Ambles, cornerback Nickell Robey and defensive lineman George Uko were among the newcomers who made favorable impressions during the first five days of practice.

So were tight ends Xavier GrimbleRandall Telfer andChristian Thomas, all attempting to learn the system and grasp the intricacies of the position.

"I just can't wait till they get up to the speed with the offense so they can just play," quarterback Matt Barkley said of the trio.

The 5-foot-8, 165-pound Robey, from Frostproof, Fla., has been a quick study and a playmaker.

This is a special group of players. 

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