Getting Ready for 2010 with EA Sports

Ah, it's July. The fireworks are now over and the baseball season is in full-swing, which means just one thing: college football is just around the corner. Granted, many of us haven't had the easiest past month thanks to Paul Dee and our buddies over there at the NCAA offices, but thanks to EA Sports, we now have the opportunity to celebrate some of the more enjoyable aspects of what it means to be members of the Trojan Family.

As many of you have already heard, EA Sports is sponsoring a week's worth of posts for many of SB Nation's college blogs leading up to the release of NCAA Football 2011 next Tuesday, July 13th. They never specified what they wanted us all to say, but instead, merely asked for a series of posts celebrating diehard fans of college football. Sounds good to me.

If you're a fan of the game like me, then you're obviously aware of the celebration that will take place a week from Tuesday in front of my television set. This series of posts is a way to get you excited for the annual release of the best football video game ever created (sorry Madden fans) and for the upcoming 2010 season as well. Even more so for my fellow Trojan fans, it's a way to talk about something other than the NCAA sanctions and USC's appeal. I can't wait for that. So within the next hour, I will post the part first of the series -- "Where I Come From: How I Came To Be A Diehard Trojans Fan. Paragon will post his version later this afternoon, and from there, the series will unfold as follows:

Tuesday: My All-Time Favorite USC Team (ParagonSC)

Wednesday: Coliseum Tailgating Traditions (Joey)

Thursday: My All-Time Favorite USC Players (ParagonSC)

Friday: Most Memorable Moments (Joey)

Monday: Expectations for Lane Kiffin and company in 2010 (Joey)

Tuesday: Christmas in July (Joey)

One of the primary reason for doing these posts is not just for Paragon and me to share our stories with you, but for you to share your experiences with the whole community as well. One of the great benefits of the SB Nation platforms is that it encourages user interaction, and what better time to share than at this very moment. While we're certainly looking forward to writing these posts, we hope to hear from you as well as the series progresses.

With that said, let's all use this as an opportunity to kick of what should be an exciting 2010 football season (Year One of the Kiffin Era) here at Conquest Chronicles.

Fight On!

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