Sanctions Prologue

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Every college football fan knows, when it comes to really punishing an institution for totally lacking in oversight and being woefully bereft of student/athlete compliance- simply sanction the offending institution with a serious loss of scholarships spread throughout multiple unending seasons- as well as grant the release/transfer of any/all upperclassmen without cause- and you'll have yourself THE doozy of a good-timin' clusterfuck!

The idea of course, is that by the end of the full duration of the sanctions- the offending program's firesale of transferring players gluts the guts out of the program by severely depleting it's 5-star quality players at any given position. It's RAW, yo! Like committing a 'flagrant foul'- they know what they (NCAA) are doing, they know they shouldn't, . . . . but fuck it! They do it, anyway! The dire ramifications become evident to the point of new phraseology: "Assisted Death Penalty" (they actually 'help you' fuck yourself over)??? If I weren't so overly invested in this brouhaha, I'd be inclined to opine that THIS NOSTRUM is an element of the heretofore unknown, "NCAA Roadmap for the Pax-COI"

Seriously, I would be very much inclined.

It's obvious that the framers of this idea of sadism punishment, have carefully mapped it's ultimate outcome. Especially pleasing to the COI is that the consequences cover all the vital variables quite nicely: Punitive, catastrophic, and conveniently distant. The drive behind their 'urge' to punish may very well be based on universal disdain for The University of Southern California in it's entirety, and still- the chasm that separates "raft of misconceptions" and "deliberate disregard for fairness" is immense with this committee. The COI actually had to fabricate or willfully modify it's own findings in order to mete out it's intended severity of punishment.

In it's final report, the COI reprimanded USC for not providing adequate oversight, as it pertains to football. They were highly critical of USC's Department of Compliance for not being fully committed to policing it's student athletes, and seemed practically dumbfounded at the fact that with so much "5-star" power on it's roster, why didn't USC Compliance have a TMZ-like tail on those 5-stars 24 - 7?

*****This just in: Every school campus ON THE PLANET is never gonna be mistaken for USC. USC IS USC! 5-star! 5-star WHAT? For every Reggie Bush, we have an Alison Felix. For every OJ Mayo, we have` a Rebecca Soni. Wake up and be relevant, yo! (. . . . . . . . . . . . . .rebecca is dazzling, oh and Alison is pure poetry! truth!)

The age-old adage of "an eye-for-an-eye" fits the COI's agenda for justice like a Magnum. (wink!) This multi-faceted plot to punish USC clearly has no equal. The kicker being that the ones most affected by these sanctions, had absolutely NOTHING TO DO with Reggie Bush and are innocent parties who must PAY THE PRICE for something somebody's step-father did. (ahem. . . . . and for WHATEVER stupid reason, or another? this guy?????????????) Upon first look, you'd think the COI's blind pursuit for justice in this investigation would suppose that "fairness has won" and that "the cheaters got what they deserve", right? My response would be, "Tell me again when 'fairness' became part of this investigation? And why weren't we provided such a courtesy?"

On one particular post written here on Conquest Chronicles, I disagreed with one of this site's most respected members regarding the outcome of this investigation prior to the sanctions being handed down by the COI in early June. Frak had specifically commented that he believed the NCAA would CERTAINLY be mindful of the public's perception that USC deserved the full extent of punishment if USC couldn't refute the evidence against Bush and Mayo. I, regrettably disagreed with this sentiment. And I commented as such with as much verve and passion as Frak presented in his opinion. Boy WAS I EVER WRONG!!!!! Frak's been so money on more topics here on Conquest Chronicles than I can count. On this matter, he was 100% right and I was totally way off. (again). I was more than naive to think the NCAA was going to defy history and treat this case with an open mind and treat all the data and witness statements judiciously. What was I thinking?

The elimination of scholarship players (10) every year for 3 years and then providing no definitive timeline for players who choose to transfer out of USC's football program in order to go to another football program with full amnesty WILL NOT SOLVE agent contact or promote efforts for player eligibility. Not at USC, not at Appalachian State. In fact, these sanctions imposed upon USC has the potential to fully destroy any remnants of hope and trust that the NCAA promotes and operates with "fair play" in administering judgment.

Put another way, left to their own devices- the NCAA had to create new codes of conduct, without the benefit of open debate nor consensus nor approval from any of it's member institution, in rendering judgment and imposing these specific sanctions. Furthermore, this particular COI had to self-legislate through imaginary precedent and customize new member-conduct codes in order to punish USC. By doing this, the NCAA saves face and literally hurdles any persnickety problems inherent in the bureaucratic impotence of it's own organizational power and authority. The timing issues of the Bush/Mayo investigation coupled with the NCAA's administrative shortcomings made this case highly unusual for all parties involved, this becomes glaringly evident when, out of sheer frustration- the NCAA must resort to enforcing phantom NCAA bylaws to support their written findings in the final report.

This particular COI board unbelievably bought their own hype to the point of excess and that through their delusions of self-importance they are somehow allowed the authority to develop new NCAA code/bylaw when no such code, law, or precedent previously existed.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Conquest Chronicles' writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Conquest Chronicles' writers or editors.

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