Additional Pro Day Thoughts/Quotes

Today, I was credentialed to attend USC's NFL Pro Day for the Daily Trojan, where I had the "privilege" of watching prospective NFL football players parade around Cromwell Field in spandex. But seriously, it was a pretty cool event with handfuls of media members and NFL scouts in attendance. There are plenty of recaps out there on the popular USC sites if you're itching to know what Alex Parsons ran in the shuttle drill. I'll have my Daily Trojan recap posted later tonight. In the meanwhile, here are a few quotes, I jotted down at the end of the day. (note: Nothing too out of this world)

Charles Brown

"Being in the first round means a lot. It means they think you play well and hold up well with the rest of the competition. It's a good thing."

Will Harris

"There were a couple of things, I thought I could have done better on. But I actually think I did good on a lot of things and I'm pretty happy with my performance."

Everson Griffen

"I worked hard this past year and tried to show them that there's no immaturity in me. Whatever they think [my immaturity] is, I'm just going to show them that I'm not. I'm ready to work."

"Everybody has talked to me about being a 4-3 defensive end of 3-4 outside linebacker. I told them I'll do whatever they want me to do. With good coaching and hard work, I can make anything possible."

Stafon Johnson

"I just wanted to get everything finished. I knew that I wouldn't be able to do all the things I wanted to do. But I had to get through it. I wanted to show the guys how much I'm determined to get things through."

"My goal is to get better and better each day. Every month I've been stronger than what I was the month before. I think mentally, I'm stronger than I was ever. Right now, going through the process has made me more mature and more determined to get my job."

Taylor Mays

"I wanted to show I can backpedal, change direction, and prove that I have skills."

 "In the NFL, you get paid to make interceptions. I know I can do it. I really wasn't coached to just do that at USC though."

On being scrutinized: "I feel like it's been tough. It's been up and down, especially since I feel I've put my life into this."

"When I was being recruited by USC, they were loving me, and nowadays,it's seems like they're killing me. But it's all good."

Joe McKnight

"Anyplace right now is good for me. I'm not going to be picky about anything, because I haven't done anything where I can be picky. I'm just ready to go and do whatever they tell me to do."

"I just took my forty from the Combine. So, I just thought I'd come out here and do my cone drills and position drills."

"The NFL is a different league. You've got to be bigger and faster. You've got to be bigger to take the punishments."

"I'm unhappy how my career went over my three years here. But I got a chance to make up for it. I'm going to try my best."

"We didn't win a national championship or score a lot. I didn't do a lot of things for Coach Carroll. I felt like my career at USC wasn't how I wanted it to be or how a lot of people expected it to be."

"I felt like in these past three years, I could have done more. But things happen for a reason."

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