Come on Lane, gimme a break...

I understand the culture of change that is happening at USC.

The NCAA's sanctions and their aftermath had one purpose and one purpose knock a program back a good five years. That is the minimum that USC will struggle before 'SC will be competitive like we expect them to be.

It is a daunting task.

The chess match of juggling depth, developing talent and bringing in new players will challenge Kiffin and his staff for as long as they are here.

As I have said before, I like Lane Kiffin, he has my support and under the circumstances he was the best coach we could have hired to guide us through this. He is not the favorite of many pundits, bloggers or fans. He has been criticized for numerous things whether they are legitimate or petty really doesn't matter. Kiffin is a lightning rod and accepts his role as such.

But for all that I like about him, for all the support he has from me as well as others in the USC camp and for all the promise I think he can deliver to USC one thing stands out that I can't accept...

His constant negative attitude about what we see on the field with regards to poor play, a lack of discipline, etc.

I realize that he can't live the Pete Carroll credo of "Win Forever" or "Always Compete", not with how the team has been handicapped by the NCAA but I would be happier if just made vanilla statements that really offered nothing for the press or the haters that they could run with or twist for their own gain. He obviously can't say no comment or ignore the press but for someone who was calculating in comments at UT Lane is shrewd enough to not give his detractors anything to use against him.

Knowledgeable fans know that the secondary is inexperienced, we know the linebacker depth is at nightmarish proportions and that the kicking game is bad but we don't need to constantly hear about it.

We see it first hand every week with little improvement.

I get it...Lane isn't a sunshine pumper. He isn't wired that way and I don't expect him to be something he is not but a little public support for the team could a long way.

In this day in age kids don't play for pride anymore...we have lost that identity as a society years ago. For the most part professionals play for pride because they are now old enough to understand the ramifications of not giving it 100%. I am not saying that our guys aren't giving it 100%, but it for the majority of 18-21 year old's they are more worried about the here and now.

If Kiffin wants to change the culture at USC he has to find away to build this team up in the face of the NCAA's death blow. He has to publicly support this team even when it looks bad and not give ANYONE the ammunition they are looking for to further rip this team.

I can accept Lane's honesty but sometimes a non-answer is better than the truth. I know of no successful person that has motivated a group of people to improve their level of performance by constantly pointing out the bad publicly.

Lane Kiffin has the opportunity to not keep his dream job but to forge his own legacy at USC instead of being perceived as a care taker coach to guide the program through the sanctions only to be replaced after the hard work is done . But I have hard time seeing peoples opinion of Kiffin change if he keeps the current attitude in place.

Who would want to play for a guy that constantly rips the team?

Just an observation...


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Conquest Chronicles' writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Conquest Chronicles' writers or editors.

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