Because this just can't be taken to scale

In the alternate existence that is the hilariously stupefying reality of college football, the 2010 calendar year has given us:

fatal-threat stalking,

miraculously hoodwinked party-animals,

lying adults & idiots with a compulsion to cozy up to 17/18-year old young men,

angry & dimwitted QB's (fast too!),

naive (and yet, hugely vilified because of it) good-guys (?),

pistol toting programs (literally AND figuratively),

and sex-themed explosive offenses (not of the criminal kind!?!? football schemes- duuuuh!)

But. . . .let's talk about USC FOOTBALL, though. . . . . .

On June 10, when sanctions were imposed upon the Trojan football program- which were handled by the NCAA's Committee On Infractions- these sanctions were (for all intents and purposes) intended to comprehensively dismantle USC football. No two ways about it.

Now in saying that, ex-AD Mike Garrett barely lifted a finger to help with the NCAA's investigation surely didn't help matters much. Now I don't know one way or another if that last statement is based on fact- I'm only going on the (barely credible) information the COI noted in their published final report. Fact is, Mike Garrett was prolly the most singular reason for getting this hot-headed committee's dander all up in the first place. (move to strike! innuendo.)

Sure, Reggie Bush was just being the best stonewallin'-jackson he could possibly be, too. "Who wants to talk? With ME? Why? Naw, y'all! You wanna get with LeMar, and. . . . .he isn't home at the moment. Try back later, TATER!"

NOW look where we are. Surely you'd agree, things ain't all that rosy at Heritage Hall. (it ain't all that bad, neither though)

Okay, so now that we're going into our 7th game of the season (at 4-2), we find ourselves tied with our sassy-sisters of Westwood in Pac 10 conference play. Shoot! (bang-bang!) We're barely better than them in the grand scheme of overall play (they're at 3-3) and. . . . .how's THAT for a jaundiced-eyesore?

Despite USC's recent snag-fest of top tier high school recruits, when the COI also sanctioned "free agency" on USC upperclassmen- we've learned in 6 fairly painful games that Coach Lane Kiffin & his peerless staff simply can't "replicate" the magical football we were once enthralled with under ex-Coach Pete Carroll.

There are many varied reasons why LaneFuckingKiffin can't replicate BigBallsPete's brand of football right now. But allow me to surmise that, although Pete's first year had it's own hissy-fits and hiccups, Coach Carroll didn't have to worry about deserters, transfers, . . . . . . . FREE AGENCY DAD-GUMMIT! He also slept well at night knowing full-well that if he wanted to. . . . .???? he could recruit his ass off for all the top position players on the known high school planet! The NCAA didn't JUST go medieval on our Trojan asses. . . . .

They went SURGICAL!

They got us "inverted".

It's my contention that the Carroll-era can't be replicated simply because the power of the NCAA's vindictiveness cannot be taken to scale. You heard that right, my Trojan brethren! Back in . . . _____(whenever?) when SMU was sanctioned with the so-called "Death Penalty"- it's not entirely without reason to assume the 2010 USC Trojan football program was hit with "Assisted Death Penalty".

In my mind, what with the recent revelations brought forth by ex-agent Luchs, all the troubles surrounding the N. Carolina, Kentucky, and whomever? programs- I would hazard to guess that it's not the players, or coaches, or universities that are failing us in overcoming compliance-related issues. As well as all the bad publicity and negative; morose opinion that subsequently follow such newsmaking. It's the elite-class culture & dogmatic fiefdom inherent in NCAA administration that is failing the students, athletes, coaches, and universities.

Because college football hypnotizes America's masses each & every Fall season, and NCAA basketball drives many to suffer clinical madness every single, dag-blarned month of March- THE NCAA HAS FAILED SOCIETY.

REALITY CHECK: Nationwide, we've got entire school districts at the elementary through senior levels that must operate without the necessary resources nor instructor talent pool to provide our schoolchildren just minimal and basic instruction- in order to help them learn necessary topic and subject matter to turn them into well-functioning adults in our future society. We see it in Washington, D.C., in Detroit, MI, Atlanta, GA, and Los Angeles, CA. We've mortgaged our nation's future on a philosophy of educating our children to become workers, NOT CITIZENS. Most of these future workers won't make it past the 10th grade. Some of these workers will obtain their B.S. or B.A. Very few of these workers hit the jackpot & get the opportunity to be trained and educated to become professional athletes in the/any sport we just might happen to love watching and being entertained by.

It's no wonder most of our college athletes lose sense of the "character" they had practically zero-conditioning or training that is becoming of a solid citizen in the good ol' U.S. of A. . And as such, they more than likely will choose to TAKE THAT MONEY once it's offered or given to them, thereby killing their eligibility and getting their beloved university in a whole heap 'a trouble over.

Had we tried to educate just 50% of them to become citizens, maybe we'd be winning half the battle that we wage against a hazy war called compliance.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Conquest Chronicles' writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Conquest Chronicles' writers or editors.

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