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As a neutral observer of this situation I find the hypocrisy and outrage to be hilarious. I love all the media members and fans who just don't seem to get what big time college football is. Going on to various blogs around SBN, I loved all the fans who were calling Kiffin a weasel and a dirt bag etc, I also loved how outraged the Tennessee community and administration is. Hear are some realities that people that people don't want to admit about the Kiffin situation and college football.

There are two type of coaching personalities that most coaches fit in. They are a Type A personality and a Type B personality. A Type A personality is somebody who is highly driven, motivated and intense and is extremely ambitious. Type B (most of society) personalities are guys who are content and happy in life and just are not as driven as Type A. Basically they don't have unhealthy ambition and drive.They are not many type of people like that in our society and in the coaching ranks. These people always look for the next challenge and are never satisfied. The best coaches today in the country are these type of guys. Pete Carroll, Nick Saban, Urban Meyer and Brian Kelly are all Type A. These guys always want more and are never satisfied. Thats why Pete Carroll left 'SC. It always bothered him that he was considered an NFL failure. 'Bama fans if you think Saban will stay forever at 'Bama you are delusional. He will leave, not tomorrow, not next year but in the next 10 years most likely and try the NFL again or go somewhere else. He is just that type of guy.


For people bashing USC they need realize to that USC was backed into a corner. Kiffin wasn't their first or second or third choice. They had to make a move and in my opinion its a great movie for USC. USC football is a business and they have to protect themselves just like Tennessee, OU, Texas, etc do.


I hate how Tennessee people are upset that USC stole Kiffin from them or Kiffin left. Grow up Tennessee. This is big boy football and don't be surprised or upset. If you want to play big boy football those are the rules. You steal 'Bama recruits somebody steal's your coach. You steal other program's coordinators 'SC takes your coach. Thats the game. If you want to be on Mount Rushmore those are the rules and deal with it. The funny part is that they will most likely steal Will Muschamp from Texas and then all Tennessee fans will be partying in the streets and buying "Boom Motherf***er" shirts instead of pissing on Kiffin shirts. Pathetic and hypocritical. If you want to be considered big time this is the way it works. You guys will steal somebody else and the world will move on. Get a grip and understand that this is a business. If you don't like it go be Tennesse Tech or Georgia Southern. Its the game. Don't cry about it you will do the same thing.

Now my favorite line coming out of the media is "But, but what about the children?' "Somebody please think of the children?" We send 18 year old kids to Iraq, I think pampered football players will be okay without their head coach. They will get experience that non of their other friends will ever see. They get free food, free clothes and a free education. I think they can handle their coach bailing on them. Besides a coach shouldn't be THE reason that you come to a school. He should be a factor but not everything. If you came to Tennessee solely because of the coach than that's a YOU problem not a Kiffin problem.

For people saying that the guy can't coach, you don't know what you are talking about. Just look at his wife, the guy can close. Even if he can't coach he has hired great assistants for him. Monte Kiffin and Norm Chow can do it for him. The guy has the "it" factor and is going to do a great job at USC. He turned a pathetic Tennessee team into a 7-5 team and gave Alabama its toughest test of the entire season. If he didn't have one of the worst quarterbacks in the SEC he probably beats them by two touchdowns. He gave Auburn, Florida, Alabama all they could handle. His team destroyed Georgia. He can coach.


For people saying "what has he ever done?" Let me explain. Nike gave LeBron a 90 million dollar shoe contract before he ever played an NBA game. Kiffin has an "it" quality. Look at his wife, Dad, and how he recruits. He has that "it" quality and can coach. Good companies and corporations hire great people before you ever heard of them. That's the reality of life. Most people have never heard of these "great assistants" before they ever become your "great assistants." Anybody ever heard of Jim McElwain before he was hired at Alabama? No. Now he is 27-2 as an offensive coordinator. Nobody new of Will Muschamp before Saban hired him.


Great hire 'SC the King is not dead.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Conquest Chronicles' writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Conquest Chronicles' writers or editors.

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