Review of every Week 1 game

Note: I will try to make this a regular weekly feature (time permitting). This review will have a brief summary of every FBS game (I try to watch every game, or at least check the recaps, message boards, and stats). It will not focus on "big-time" or USC games since you probably watch those anyway or read about them in the paper / online. Big-time games will have an "outside of the box" commentary and small games will try to identify stars in making (I think we were one of the first to point out Michael Crabtree's insane numbers few years ago). Updates will follow as games are played.

S. Carolina 7 - NC State 3: I just hope voters don't rank SCar next week. There was some bad football on both sides. If not for Baker's fumble, SCar doesn't score that lone TD. NC State doesn't have great receivers and it showed. SCar: show me more before you deserve to be ranked.

Bowling Green 31 - Troy 14: A small upset. Troy was favored to win the Sun Belt and got bombed away after leading 14-0. Tyler Sheehan has an NFL size (6'4, 225) and could be one of those next 3-4 year MAC starters that successfully make it to NFL. Interestingly, Josh Jarboe, a highly touted troubled Troy player who was kicked out of Oklahoma didn't have much of an impact.

Villanova 27 - Temple 24: First FCS over FBS upset (although a number of experts picked Villanova in the Mayors Cup). Al Golden still doesn't look golden (wonder if BN clowns still think he is a great coach). Villanova was down 10 points in the 4th and came back. If not for Bowling Green, MAC could have captured the title of worst FBS conference this weekend (always in perennial battle with Sun Belt for that spot).

Kent State 18 - Coastal Carolina 0: Nothing noteworthy except for the fact that Coast Carolina featured a RB named Tommy Fraser (just 2 letters off). Kent's Uegene Jarvis is supposedly very good (heard about him few times last year).

North Texas 20 - Ball State 10: Year 1 of post-Brady Hoke era at Ball State didn't start well. Riley Dodge, a highly recruited QB that had offers from Texas and Mizzou but decided to follow his Dad to North Texas, was very impressive and North Texas might be a big turnaround story this year after winning just 1 game last year. I watched parts of the game and if not for squandered red zone opportunities, North Texas would have won big. Watch for Riley Dodge, he may turn out to be pretty good.

Iowa State 34 - North Dakota State 17: Paul Rhodes era kicked off and Iowa State broke a long losing streak. NDSU is a decent FCS team, but it's hard to make any conclusions about Iowa State yet. This is a good recipe for a poor team like Iowa State - win 2-3 OOC games against cupcakes and build on it.

Indiana 19 - Eastern Kentucky 13: If this game is an indicator of anything, IU will certainly have a tough time beating anyone in the Big Ten. Watched parts of the game and IU didn't look good against a mediocre FCS team. Indiana was lucky that EKU fumbled the 4th quarter drive on IU's 5 yard line.

Utah 35 - Utah State 17: Watch out WAC, Utah State might be vastly improved compared to the pathetic team they had for the last 2 years. The new spread offense gave Utah fits. Utah looked good at times, especially Matt Asiata and their new QB (Cain) could be just as good as departed Johnson. The Utes may need to clean up sloppy turnovers, but if they do, I can see them running the table especially if Oregon plays like they did last night

Boise State 19 - Oregon 8: There is plenty on the web. My 2 cents:

a) None of these teams deserve to be in the top-25

b) Boise State should have blown out Oregon, but I can't believe how many silly miscues they had. It was as if they are trying to lose the game

c) I may be dead wrong, but I won't be surprised if Chip Kelly turns into a Steve Kragthorpe / Ron Prince and drives an established program into the ground. I saw 0 adjustments from this offensive genius and so many squandered opportunities.

d) It may be offending to Duck and Beaver fans, but lately, almost every freaking year, those clowns from the State of Oregon get humiliated on the National TV early in the season during an OOC game and then play their minds off against SC or other ranked Pac-10 team and destroy the credibility of the conference.

Tulsa 37 - Tulane 13: A rather decent game (with a poor, poor attendance) which featured 2 good QBs. Unfortunately, Tulane's QB had no OL to protect him, thus the difference in score. Looks like another Texas transfer QB (Tulsa's Kinne) is poised to have a great year. He ran well and threw well. He'd be a perfect replacement for the Golden Hurricane (reminds me of Kapernick). Tulane has improved from last year, but watch for Tulsa to make some noise.

Hawaii 25 - Central Arkansas 20: A close call and last minute TD saved Hawaii against an FCS team. Looks like things are going down fast at Hawaii after June Jones' departure (the Warriors used to blow up team like this). Hawaii fumbled 4 times, but overcame the turnovers.

Northwestern 47 - Townson 14: NW lost its best WR and QB from last season and still appeared good. But it's still Towson.

Michigan St 44 - Montana State 3: First ever game against an FCS team by Sparty. Sad. Now only 4 teams left (USC, ucla, UW and ND) if I am not mistaken. Not much to conclude from this game

East Carolina 29 - App State 24: App State was without Armanti Edwards and ECU barely beat them. Frankly, I don't think ECU will win the CUSA as many experts predicted. So many other CUSA teams looked great

Minnesota 23 - Syracuse 20: Probably all of you saw highlights from Paulus' debut. Other noteworthy stuff: Todd Marinovich's brother played for Syracuse (and he looked ok). Also, Minny was pretty lucky to win (a fumble on 1st play by Syracuse and INT in the OT by Paulus). Cal should easily pound them 2 weeks from now, but you never know. I'd even take Air Force over Minny next week

Kentucky 42 - Miami OH 0: Kentucky might be better than advertised (at least offensively). I really like those neutral site games where the host is a mid-major, but 70% of the stadium is visiting teams' fans. Since it doesn't make sense for Big Ten and SEC teams to play @MAC schools (because of their HS stadium sized places), this presents a viable alternative for home-and-home.

Ohio State 31 - Navy 27: You all saw the game (or at least the highlights). I personally would discount this game while analyzing Ohio State. Tressel made few questionable calls, but I think everything will be very much different against SC.

Penn State 31 - Akron 7: Penn State's new wideouts (they lost all 3 starters) turned out ok. I really like when coaches shut down in the second half after building a comfy lead in the first. PSU played their 2nd string players for the entire second half. As a contrast, I wasn't comfortable with seeing our 1st teamers late in the third

West Virginia 33 - Liberty 20: I wonder how long Bill Stewart is going to last. WVU didn't look good early (watch parts of the game). Liberty is not even a good FCS school.

Purdue 52 - Toledo 31: It was a debut for Purdue's HC. The game turned into a bit of a shoot out. One week ago, I thought Purdue will get crushed at Oregon. Now, I am having my doubts. Hopefully the Ducks won't embarass the conference two weeks in a row.

Iowa 17 - Northern Iown 16: You all have seen the highlights. What stands out to me and no talking is commenting on it is incredibly lame time and field position management by the UNI coaches (that's why they coach at FCS level). With about 20 secs to go and in field goal range, UNI coaches let the clock run on 1st down and call a TO with 7 secs left (they were lucky to get the ball with 1 sec left on the 2nd try). In my opinion, they should have run a quick play and position the ball right in the middle of the field instead of the left hashmark and then call a TO. Blocking a straight kick is much more difficult than one being kicked from the angle. App State coaches almost blew it 2 years ago against Michigan in similar situation.

Tennesee 63 - WKU 7: Good debut for Lane Kiffin. What was interesting to me is that many freshmen that Kiffin brought played excellent. On the other hand, Fulmer's players made a lot of mistakes (Hardesty, Crompton). UT is positioned well to smoke the Bruins

GA Tech 37 - Jacksonville St 17: JSU was without Perilleaux (not that it would have mattered) and GT shut it down after the 1st half to get ready for Clemson. Ga Tech might end up winning the ACC, they looked good

Pitt 38 - Youngstown St 3: LeSean McCoy's replacement Dion Lewis didn't disappoint, yet it's too difficult to make any conclusions about Pitt now.

Boston College 54 - Northeastern 0: BC is picked last in their division, but I think they will make some noise. Judging from highlights, their new QB (David Shinskie) looked good, but he is still competing for a starting spot. We'll find out more about BC in 2 weeks @Clemson

Air Force 72 - Nicholls St 0: I know it's Nicholls State, but it is still hard to score 72 running a triple option. I really think AF will create a trouble for a BYU, TCU and Utah this season.

Oregon State 34 - Portland State 7: Rodgers brothers on fire. Again, this game tells me nothing. OSU better watch out for UNLV and Cinci.

Wyoming 29 - Weber State 22: An ok debut for D. Christensen (WYO's new HC). The game was close. Wonder how Wyo fares against Texas at home

USC 56 - SJSU 3: Paragon hit all the nails, my only complaint is the punting game. O'Malley may cost us field position in important games down the road. I'd go with Harfman

ND 35 - Nevada 0: So much for the upset. Jimmy looked great, but what was shocking to me is Nevada's complete ineptitude on O (or ND's solid D by Tenuta). ND is very improved

Michigan 31 - Western Michigan 7: WMU was supposed to be a better MAC team. Great showing by Michigan

Baylor 24 - Wake 21: Robert Griffin (Baylor) showed some flashes last year, but this might be his coming out year. Art Briles is a great coach and they beat a solid Wake team in Winston-Salem. Won't be surprised if Baylor makes it a bowl game this year

Oklahoma State 24 - Georgia 10: That's what happens to an SEC team if it plays a solid OOC game on the road. Don't think UGa's offense is there this year. Still a statement game for Mike Gundy

Miss State 45 - Jackson State 7: Oh my God, Miss State scored 45 points!!! Something they haven't seen in Starkville in ages. First game between SEC and SWAC.

Mizzou 37 - Illinois 9: Might be a rough year for Ron Zook. Mizzou's new QB (Gabbert) may end up to have a better career than Chase Daniel

UAB 44 - Rice 24: Was bit of a shocker to me. Rice lost its QB and WR from last year, but UAB never been productive on offense in the last 2 years. Their dual threat QB (Webb) might open some eyes this year.

Marshall 31 - S. Illinois 28: Another close call against FCS team for CUSA member. We'll find out more about Marshall when they play @West Virginia.

North Carolina 40 - The Citadel 6: Yates was solid, but this was expected. Wake me up when UNC team plays someone with a pulse

Clemson 37 - Mid Tenn 14: CJ Spiller was hurt, that's the only notable thing about this game aside from the fact that highly recruited QB Willie Korn of Clemson still hasn't won the starting QB job.

William & Mary 26 - Virginia 14: Wow, what's going on in Charlottsville? This might be Al Groh's last year. This was 1st of 2 losses to FCS teams by the ACC.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Conquest Chronicles' writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Conquest Chronicles' writers or editors.

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